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Power Index


The Power Index ranks each team by position, then uses an algorithm to generate a total Power grade based on those rankings in conjunction with the scarcity and value of each position based on your league scoring rules and roster requirements.

To get true positional strength, all players are evaluated within their true position, not a flex position, if the individual position is used. This means that if you start 2 WR's and 1 TE, plus 1 WR-TE flex, the WR-TE flex will not show as a position to be ranked, those players will be included in the appropriate WR or TE position. If you just start 3 WR-TE flex players, then all WR's and TE's will be evaluated as WR-TE.

** Ranked Leagues are not supported at this time **
Sport: Football
Category: Results (Standings)
App Placement: Tools
Ownership Model: Multi-team
Active Until: 01/10/2015
REQUIRES: Fantasy Football Commissioner, Prize, or Free
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