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Trade Judge

ASL, Inc.

Resolve Trade Disputes Quickly and Fairly!

Trade Judge determines if a disputed trade should be allowed quickly and fairly. Trade Judge loads your league's scoring rules, rosters and matchup schedules and measures the impact of the trade to both teams using season-long weekly projections from industry experts ProFootball Focus Fantasy, Fantasy Sharks, and Fantasy Football Metrics. Each projection provider is treated as an independent judge to allow for reasonable differences of opinion in your league.

Trade Judge is the most comprehensive trade dispute resolution tool available, going far beyond adding up fantasy points. It uses powerful win-based math to calculate how a trade impacts each team's probability to win. The math accounts for the free agent floor of each position, back-up players, injury probabilities, each team's relative need to win regular season match-ups vs optimize for the playoffs, and much more.

Trade Judge is easy to use. Simply indicate what players each team is trading and within seconds, you will know if the trade should be allowed or rejected.

Trade Judge has access to three-year player projections and can be used to resolve trade disputes in dynasty leagues (where the majority of players are kept each year). However, in keeper leagues (where only a few players are kept each year) Trade Judge values trades based only on the current year so some judgement is still required.

Bring trading back, introduce Trade Judge to your league to make it easy and quick to get fair resolution of trade disputes.

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Sport: Football
Category: Roster Management
App Placement: Tools
Ownership Model: Multi-team
Active Until: 03/31/2015
REQUIRES: Fantasy Football Commissioner, Prize, or Free
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