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Draft Wizard - All 4 Tools in One


The Draft Wizard is the one and only tool you'll need to prepare for and nail your fantasy baseball draft.

You'll be able to import and edit any rankings on the web, use your cheat sheets in fast mock draft simulations, and get instant draft scores and analysis to help you improve. We'll also auto-synch your cheat sheet live during your draft, so you don't have to manually cross off players. All of this is wrapped in a clean, extremely easy-to-use interface.

The Wizard includes a full suite of tools:
  • Draft Simulator. Mock draft in minutes (or even seconds). Test out your draft strategies before the big day.
  • Draft Analyzer. Get an instant analysis of your simulations and real drafts to see where your team ranks and why.
  • Cheat Sheet Creator. Easy drag-n-drop editing, one click tiering, and highlighting of targeted players.
  • Draft Assistant. Suggests players to consider during your draft and gives you an easy way to decide between the top choices.
Each tool has many cool features, but here's a few that our customers absolutely love:
  • Pick Predictor. Ever wonder if your sleeper will be available if you wait another round (or more)? We calculate the exact odds.
  • Expert Consensus Picks. We monitor 50+ experts so you can see who the experts would take. We show you the exact voting percentage.
  • In-Draft Analysis. We break down your team's strengths and weaknesses and suggest top projected players to consider.
Don't settle for overly complex draft tools. With a modern and user-friendly interface, the Draft Wizard makes cumbersome draft software and paper cheat sheets a thing of the past.

The Draft Simulator tool does not support Auction Drafts.And the Draft Assistant tool does not work with offline drafts or mock drafts.
Sport: Baseball
Category: Draft
App Placement: Draft central
Ownership Model: Multi-team
Active Until: 05/01/2014
REQUIRES: Fantasy Baseball Commissioner, Prize, or Free
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