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FantasySignals Football LiveFeed


Get breaking news, updated every minute, on how each NFL player in your league is performing during games.

LiveFeed not only shows each player's current score as per your league's scoring system, but also explains if each player is on track to missing, meeting or exceeding their projected score. We show FantasySignals' proprietary projectedscores (which are a confidence range of 50% i.e. we believe the player will score within this range about half the time), as well as the official projected score. e.g. "Peyton Manning opens strongly with 12 points, should beat FS proj. score of 24-32 (CBS proj. 22)".

Our first screen makes it easy to see how many points each player in your roster is expected to score as per your league's scoring system, as well as each player on your opponent's roster (for head-to-head leagues we show your direct opponent, for ranked leagues we show the highest scoring team in your league). We also show the total points scored by each team's starting lineup at that point in time. Finally, we produce headlines updated every minute on your and your opponent's starting lineup so that you can see who is performing well and who is not.

Our second screen provides details on all NFL players within your league. We identify which team in your league owns each player, and organize headlines in multiple ways: See the Top 20 scorers overall this week, The Top Leaders (5 per position), the Overperformers (who have or are scoring significantly beyond their projections) and the Underperformers. We also allow you to view headlines by each position, by each NFL game, as well as by each NFL division.

FantasySignals' LiveFeed makes sense of the stream of fantasy numbers, so you can sit back and enjoy the game. For more details please visit

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Sport: Football
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App Placement: Tools
Ownership Model: Multi-team
Active Until: 03/31/2015
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