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So Floyd Mayweather Jr. believes he's a better boxer than both Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.
In an interview with The Telegraph, Freddie Roach detailed his struggle with Parkinson's disease and how he also battles suicidal thoughts.
What happened in this week in sports? A lot in the NHL and NBA playoffs, but mostly it was some serious baseball beer pong.
It appears Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky in the Rocky movie franchise, is backing Manny Pacquiao in the Fight of the Century.
The Showtime exclusive series Inside Mayweather vs Pacquiao premieres tonight.
Many feel Floyd Mayweather Jr. was robbed of a semifinal victory at the 1996 Olympics. He has never lost again. Coincidence?
After UFC fighter Conor McGregor said he would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in less than 30 seconds, UFC President Dana White agreed with McGregor's assessment.
Ticket prices for the official weigh-in of the Fight of the Century have been announced along with the two charities that will receive the money made off ticket sales.
According to a Yahoo Sports report, fans will be required to purchase a ticket if they want to attend the official weigh-in for the Fight of the Century.
UFC fighter Conor McGregor doesn't think Floyd Mayweather Jr. would stand a chance if the two fighters went head to head.