Billy Gillispie will stay away from Texas Tech for another month

Resolution has not yet come to Texas Tech and coach Billy Gillispie. How much longer will it last? (US Presswire)

The Billy Gillispie situation seems to be growing more bizarre, and there doesn't seem to be any kind of conclusion or consensus coming anytime soon in Lubbock, Texas.

Gillispie has returned from his trip to the Mayo Clinic with orders avoid any stressful situation for a month. Specifically, it's a 30-day prescription to avoid being in and around taxing situations. So ... his job? Totally off-limits? Apparently.

Remember, this is the open-recruiting period, too. Coaches are making in-home trips to pitch their programs to prized high schools prospects. That can't be going too well right now for Texas Tech.

Gillispie isn't allowed to coach the team currently, anyway. He has told Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt he just isn't up for a chit-chat these days, and, because of that, Hocutt has cut Gillispie off until the two can sit down and clear the air.

The Mayo Clinic visit did reveal Gillispie has high blood pressure. Now Gillispie has another month off; perhaps he'll use this 30-day period, along with his lawyer, to negotiate his departure with the school.

It's essentially George Costanza dodging his girlfriend's calls in order to avoid being dumped.

According to information from a report in the Avalanche-Journal, Gillispie has someone spreading info for him to the local press.

The Avalanche-Journal received a text message from an unknown source Sunday night. The text said Gillispie had been treated at the clinic for abnormal headaches and kidney problems and was ordered to live in the stress-free environment while trying to get his high blood pressure under control.

A text was sent to Gillispie’s phone number and the response to the A-J confirmed the information was accurate.

Gillispie essentially has been persona non grata at the university since Sept. 7, when Hocutt had to put the kibosh on his involvement with the program until the two met. By now, it seems more obvious than ever Gillispie's eventual meeting with Hocutt will have only one directive and outcome. But with a 30-day reprieve from day-to-day responsibilities, when that happens is anyone's guess.

Assistant Chris Walker has taken over the team for now. Practices begin at Texas Tech in 25 days.

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