John Calipari: NCAA is 'kind of like our government right now'

On Wednesday night we passed along Jim Boeheim battering the concept of paying college players, essentially rebuking that ideal on behalf of the NCAA. Today, we've got Kentucky coach John Calipari doing pretty much the opposite. In an interview with Kentucky Sports Television, Calipari again attacked the infrastructure and much of how the NCAA operates these days. 

"I hate to say it -- it's kind of like our government right now," Calipari said in the interview, which you can watch above. "It's not working. And for our government, it's not working for the people. For the NCAA, you're not working for the kids. The suit that was won, or paid off by EA Sports, the next one's gonna be ridiculous. And those are all players that are suing the NCAA -- and they're gonna win."

Calipari referenced the likely addition of Division 4 as a way that change (for the better) will come for college players. He posited that approximately 80 schools will fit into that classification -- the Division 4 concept is seen as revolutionary to the bedrock of college sports  -- and Calipari said he expects it to come into existence "in the next year or two."

This drumbeat is not new for Calipari, who's long campaigned on behalf of his players and vocalized himself as a player's coach; it's a big reason why he's made Kentucky basketball as powerful as it's ever been. In the clip above Calipari makes convincing arguments of why players deserve more, giving examples such as Brandon Knight's family not being able to attend the regionals two years ago -- and how UK wasn't allowed to fly them there.

"There's all kind of things we can do to make this a better environment for these players, that isn't like, 'You're making them different than the other students.' I would say they are," Calipari said. "Players first. How do you do right by them, and then let's make this work without losing our minds."

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