Michigan, Indiana, Miami, Duke on top line, but no 'real' No. 1s

Well, that was a fun week if you like upsets. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 in the AP poll all lost last week, creating a jumble at the top of the bracket.

I was tempted to leave the top line blank. Not only is there no clear overall No. 1 seed, there really isn't a No. 1 seed profile to be found. Instead, we have about 10 No. 2 seeds.

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I put Michigan and Indiana at the top of the bracket because they have been the two most consistent teams. Neither has laid an egg nor been lit up. Neither has a bad loss and both are realatively healthy.

I took the Wolverines over the Hoosiers for the top spot because they have more good wins, and more away from home. IU beat Michigan, but it was a close enough game at home to be considered indecisive.

Miami checks in at No. 3 after another impressive win. The Hurricanes are undefeated this season at full strength, which is nice, although the committee will still treat losses as losses.  You can't assume they would have won those games at full strength. Still, Miami's profile is comparable with others and it's one of the few teams in the top 10 that actually is playing at that level.

Without a doubt, Duke has the best profile but has not played as well since Ryan Kelly got hurt and that is a consideration. It is still a top seed, but no longer the overall No. 1.

I considered Gonzaga and Syracuse for the top line, too.

You hear the term "eye test" a lot, but I think that's vastly overrated. It may help teams at the bottom of the bracket to some extent, but remains a minor factor at best. That said, it may be used at the top of the bracket this year if some teams don't begin to separate themselves.

It's Valentine's week, and I can't identify any team that is a sure No. 1 seed. That's never happened before. In fact, it's rare that we get to mid-January without being able to point at one or two teams that will definitely be top seeds, let alone mid-February.

Two teams are free falling that you wouldn't expect. Creighton and Kansas continue to slide, and the Bluejays better be careful. Sliding in the MVC isn't the same as sliding in the Big 12.

Good luck filling out a bracket in your pool this year!

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