Ole Miss expects Marshall Henderson back for senior season

Tons of feedback from Ole Miss on the Marshall Henderson column I wrote Monday, positive and negative, and from that feedback -- from sources inside the program -- I can tell you that Henderson is expected back for his senior season.

"That's 99 percent certain," one source inside the athletic department told me.

Last week Henderson said in Kansas City, "I'm tired of doing all this stuff for free. And this is where you make your money, the NCAA tournament."

That was just talk, I was told.

"That's Marshall," a source said. "It's how he talks."

At 6-foot-2 Henderson doesn't have the size to play anything but point guard in the NBA, but he doesn't have those skills. He's a shooting guard, one of the best in college basketball, but a Europe-bound shooting guard nonetheless -- and he knows it.

So although Henderson is, shall we say, erratic, his plan is to return to Ole Miss for his senior season, hopefully get his degree and spend the year working on his development in all areas.

One other thing about Henderson: apparently he's a public relations dream when the cameras are off. When an Ole Miss player is needed to speak at a local school, Henderson is there and engaged. The younger the kids, the more engaged he gets -- literally playing on the floor with children in the youngest grades.

Touching stuff about Marshall Henderson. Hope he makes it. Truly.

And if he does return, he'll be a face -- maybe the face -- of college basketball.

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