Pacific coach Bob Thomason looks ahead to post-coaching life

AUSTIN, Texas -- With one minute to play in his team’s 78-49 loss to Miami, Pacific's Bob Thomason was still coaching his team hard.

Tim Thomas, who usually plays hardly at all, hadn’t defended his man the way Thomason wanted, and Thomason let him know about it. Though Thomason had said in May that the 2012-13 season would be his last and even though the 42-year coaching veteran who’s spent the last quarter-century at his alma mater was down to the final 60 seconds of his career, Thomason couldn’t let the teachable moment pass.

“Tim was belly up on the side instead of chesting it up,” Thomason explained. “There was no sentiment [about his final game]. I went through that last May. I’ll move on and look forward to it.”

So, what’s next for Thomason? What’s a man who’s about to turn 64 years old do from now on? If you’re Thomason, it’s time to get on the golf course. And maybe go on a diet.

“I know I’ve got a box of exercise tapes, and I have to start eating better,” Thomason said.  “My wife probably will have that box open when I get home.”

Otherwise, Thomason is going to take three months to figure out his next life goals.

“My wife is a little nervous,” Thomason chuckled. “She’s only known me as a head coach. She’ll either like me better or we’re going to have problems. But we’ve been married 40 years, so I think we’ll be OK."

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