Podcast: Mark Titus on his book, relationship with Evan Turner, N64 strategy, and ...

Titus is seen above at right during a rare moment of physical contact during a regulation college game. (US Presswire)

Good pod today. This one flew by, too.

Mark Titus is the most well-known walk-on in the history of college hoops. This became so after he started a blog, Club Trillion, during his playing days, from 2007 to 2010. Since he graduated, Titus put a lot of his time into writing a book. It's titled, Don't Put Me in, Coach, and it chronicles the entirety of his college career and then some.

Titus hops on to chat how the book came to be, his relationship with Mike Conley Jr. and Greg Oden -- but most importantly, Evan Turner. As it turns out, Titus' comments about The Villain have only now started to create some waves, despite the fact Don't Put Me in, Coach has been out for more than a month. Titus is critical of Turner throughout the book, but there's context that needs to be added to what he says.

Today's pod isn't all gossip, though. Titus is a huge fan of "Lost," Bond for N64 and being lazy. You'll find you most likely have a lot in common with the man, who you should follow on Twitter immediately.

  • From the beginning: Titus is almost two years out of college. The immediate life after undergrad moves so fast.
  • 3:36: Not only did Titus write the book, but he got a hefty advance to do so. When did he know he could definitely do this?
  • 7:00 Titus clarifies and puts into context his Evan Turner criticisms.
  • 12:43: Wait, Mike Conley, Jr. is a golfer?
  • 15:13: The ... how do I say this ... "running" theme with Titus book is addressed here.
  • 18:20: A teammate once asked Titus to take his drug test for him.
  • 25:40: Can't help myself here. Titus and I are both "Lost" fans, so since he brings it up in the book, I have to bring it up on the pod. Feel free to fast-forward to ...
  • 30:44: It's time to talk Bond N64. Mandatory dude talk.
  • 33:30: Titus' experience with the Harlem Globetrotters wraps up his book, and I wanted him to expand on it here. The organization actually comes off pretty terribly, and instead of undoubtedly bringing more good pub to that team, they disastrously botched putting Titus in a tri-colored uni.

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