The Poll Attacks

NEW YORK -- I'm in Brooklyn at the new Barclays Center for the Legends Classic. But that doesn't mean I don't have time to expose stupid things in the updated college basketball rankings. These are the Poll Attacks. Let's get it!

Associated Press poll: Elton Alexander from the Cleveland Plain Dealer is someone I've known for years and respected longer. But there are no friends in the world of Poll Attacks. Everybody is in play. So I must ask, Elton? WTF were you thinking with your latest ballot?

You've got North Carolina State sixth, which is silly considering the Wolfpack got blasted Sunday night by an at-the-time unranked Oklahoma State team. Did you see the game? Did you hear about the game? I'm assuming you didn't. Because you also had the Wolfpack ranked sixth last week, and I can't imagine you would've just let them stay where they were if you realized they lost by 20 to Travis Ford's Cowboys.

Speaking of ...

Why aren't Travis Ford's Cowboys on your ballot? How could you rank N.C. State sixth but leave the undefeated team that just pounded N.C. State unranked? That makes no sense.

(You have no idea that game happened Sunday, do you?)

And why do you have Kentucky fifth and Duke eighth even though Duke is undefeated with a win over Kentucky on a neutral court? And why do you have Michigan State 20th and Connecticut 22nd even though Connecticut is undefeated with a win over Michigan State on a neutral court? And why do you have Baylor 19th and Colorado unranked though Colorado is undefeated with a win over Baylor on a neutral court?

You're driving me crazy, Elton.

You have to start paying attention.

This hurts me more than it hurts you.

Coaches poll: Either the average coach (or SID) gets his ballot together early Sunday or he spends the entire day watching football and without checking the college basketball scoreboard page at That's the only explanation for the coaches pulling an Elton and having N.C. State ranked seven spots ahead of Oklahoma State a day after the Wolfpack lost 76-56 to Oklahoma State.

And how did Stanford get four points in this poll?

The Cardinal lost Sunday night to Belmont.

At home.

But Stanford still got four points.

Belmont, of course, got only three points.

And that's why the Poll Attacks are pretty simple to do.

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