VIDEO: Division II player proudly howls after breaking backboard

It's pretty much a guarantee that if you shatter a backboard and you play at any level of college basketball, you're making the blog. Here's the latest glass-smashing circumstance.

Now, here's why I love this one. Well, there are a few reasons. Let me tick them off:

1) Trevor Wages, the guy who does the damage, plays for Division II ... Colorado School of Mines. Love it. Nickname? Orediggers!

2) He told local news that the recent 25-year anniversary of Jerome Lane's famous slam caused him to think he'd never be capable of such destruction.

"I just never thought I'd actually do that," Wages says in the video below. "I was watching a video on SportsCenter a month ago [of Lane's backboarding smashing dunk for Pittsburgh], so I was just saying to myself, 'There is no way I'll ever do that.'"

He also called it "dumb luck and God's will," adding that he might have radioactive ability due to where he was born. This guy is awesome. Watch the interview.

3) When a player normally shatters the glass, the reaction is surprise and then covering one's head or quickly getting out of the way of the shrapnel. Usually confusion at first. Not Wages. The dude goes Hulk and hoots in pride after costing the opposing school a few grand to get another hoop.

4) Speaking of that, these D-II barns don't exactly have a backup basket at their disposal. So, yes, the game had to be suspended -- until Sunday. The score is 21-16, Metro State leading, and we're in the midst of one of the longest timeouts ever.

UPDATE: The game resumed Sunday, with Wages and Colorado School of Mines ultimately dropping a 74-57 decision to Metro State. Wages finished with 13 points and five rebounds on 4-of-8 shooting in the defeat.

(Via CBT)

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