VIDEO: Tom Izzo becomes a man of the people at MSU football game

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Ask just about anyone in college athletics that knows or has dealt with Tom Izzo, and they'll tell you he's one of the best people working in the profession. Izzo is a class act and has managed to build up a Michigan State program while still keeping his feet in the soil and his head not far from it.

This video, via ESPN, is terrific because it shows how Izzo has become such a favorite: his ability to relate to hot-blooded, (possibly) inebriated 19-year-olds. Because Mother Nature decided to intervene with -- or at least threaten to -- Michigan State's home game Saturday against South Florida, the crowd had to be asked to leave its seats and temporarily head for cover.

Only some didn't. Those people? Students, natch. A similar situation occurred in MSU's opener and a many students simply refused to abide. And so after nearly 85 percent of the stadium was cleared out Saturday, someone got a microphone to Izzo and he went out and pleaded with the eager, unwashed masses to take cover. They initially jeered Izzo when they realized the point he was getting to.

"Didn't even lose a game yet and you're mad at me," Izzo said. "I would sit right in the middle of your section and have a hell of a time. The problem is not just the rain. The ugly orange stuff and that putrid yellow stuff that reminds me of Michigan."

Hilarious. And so Izzo promised he'd hang in the student section once the game eventually started -- if they took cover. His plea worked. They did, so he did.

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