Wakeup Call: Could the Big East already be on the brink of death?

The vice on the Big East seems to be squeezing tighter as schools get looser with leaving. (AP)

Hey, I really appreciate you stopping by most days to check out what we've got to offer. But don't slack on the holiday shopping, yeah? Get that done today. Christmas is like, almost tomorrow, practically.

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Apple Maps: so bad, they're now potentially deadly. || I feel obliged to link one Mayan-related link leading up to That Day, so this one seems good enough to suffice. || The candy cane: a sweet treat with a mysterious origin. || See the most popular search teams of 2012 here. || My promise to deliver you one good photo gallery after another continues with this collage from across the pond.

Layup Line

¶ Here's the news that's going to make waves in hoops Thursday. Yes, get ready for another big discussion of the Big East. But it's getting serious. As we talked about on Wednesday's podcast, the league itself is being threatened of complete dissolution.

¶ One of the torchbearers for the latest bout or realignment news writes that the MAAC is set to add three teams. A source told me Wednesday this was "premature," but could be decided on when MAAC presidents meet this week.

¶ Kentucky fans gave me some grief for this post yesterday. So I'll make it up to ya with this.

Whoa, scary. Always glad to see players get help before it's too late.

¶ Arizona and Missouri have agreed to start a new series. Here's when it begins.

¶ How ACC coaches are keeping their vow to stay healthy.

¶ Ranking the 35 best moments in tournament history. I really liked this from DeCourcy.

Luke Winn's Power Rankings include a look at some of the best tunes of 2012. Look at some of the things you might've missed, plus learn a lot about hoops in the process.

¶ Shabazz Muhammad is trying to cut weight as fast as possible. Curious as to why he gained it,t hough.

¶ Jim Weber writes on the needed changes college basketball could use in the coming years.

Very nice piece on one of my favorite players in the Big Ten.

¶ Bama loses a good piece for the rest of the season.

¶ What? Could this be? A Big Ten adapting to a faster pace? We'll see what happens come conference play.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» I think I embedded this 2011 version of this a year ago. It's a look back at our year through the lens of Google and its hamster wheel of fun. Really quite something.

We'll divert away from jazz and float into the easy-listening kind of Christmas tune. To be honest, I'm surprised this Tony Bennett number isn't one of the most ubiquitous holiday classics. Sure you might catch it once or twice a year, but it doesn't dominate or grate the way so many others do. Maybe that's why it always sounds good, every year.

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