Wakeup Call: Looking back on what went down on weekend No. 1

Flea at Pauley Pavilion's re-opening. (Getty Images)

So, that's Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, who slappa'd da bass at Pauley Friday night -- and made his opinion known on Shabazz Muhammad's eligibility.

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Around the World

Check this out. NFL Circle of Parity. I'd love to get this going for college hoops, but yeah no. || Man claims he saw a UFO -- in North Carolina. || Mesmerizing time-lapse video/photos of powerless New York City. || Rare whale, unseen for 150 years, and now two have beached. Is this animal extinct? || The ridiculous "Homeland" spoof SNL did this weekend that you either have to watch again or for the first time.

Layup Line

¶ Coming off that impressive season debut Friday against the "defending" champs, is this Alex Len as we'll know him?

¶ One of the oldest, most historic basketball gyms in the country needs money to be renovated.

¶ If you'd like to be well-versed in the way of the NCAA's good or bad decisions, make it a point to read John Infante weekly.

¶ If Providence has any shot this season, this guy can't remain hurt.

The scene from Sunday's Syracuse win on the ship.

¶ This is a quality feature piece -- accurate, from what I can tell -- on how Josh Pastner lives his life.

¶ But speaking of Memphis, it has a player suspended for taking impermissible benefits.

¶ Oh, it's nothing, just Steve Lavin swaggin' 30 years ago.

¶ If you're a hoops fan and one who uses Twitter, click this and use it to your advantage.

¶ Nate Wolters: no longer my little secret.

¶ So, Indiana handed out/celebrated its Sweet 16 with rings for all the players over the weekend. Sweet 16 rings: yay or nay?

¶ Tom Crean got a contract extension to start the season in addition to those rings, by the way. And another coach was also extended on Friday.

¶ Why isn't college basketball more popular in the south? Interesting take.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» Gonna try my best to get some sort of video in here every morning to go along with the music pick. So ... if you're wondering why Doug McDermott is an NBA prospect outside of his ability to shoot, take a look.

Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be. Mamas and the Papas appropriately kick of the week. Watch this video. Could an act like this thrive in modern music? Sadly, I don't think so. These harmonies, the dynamic and this quality songwriting is something the cherish.

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