Wakeup Call: Memphis hoops shuts out the media

The Hoosiers get a good test in what hopefully will be an entertaining game Tuesday night against UNC. (Getty Images)

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Around the World

The world's biggest guilty-pleasure band is going on a multi-year hiatus. || Someone has actually named their child after a Twitter action. || Photomicrography is the kind of thing to twist your noodle a few times over. || More fun with breaking codes! || This is the kind of prank that is 48 kinds of sick, but you can't help but laugh.

Layup Line

¶ North Carolina State is now a victim of the 2012-13 transfer bug.

¶ Kansas has also lost a player, but this one's leaving over health reasons.

¶ It's already received bad pub: Memphis is knee-jerking to bad performance by looking to wall off local press even more. Not the solution.

¶ Why can't athletes major in the sports they play? The convincing case can be found here.

¶ Appreciate the links back to the blog, UCLA commenters. Head on down to the comments section to see where things get nice and fun with the Howland replacement suggestions.

¶ The MAC is looking to trademark a slogan it did not conjure.

¶ North Carolina will not be at full strength tonight against Indiana.

¶ All you need to know from a media angle about the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

¶ And here are the odds on teams winning or losing in said Challenge.

¶ A real heartwarmer here.

¶ One of the best recruits in the country has broken his foot.

¶ Another is still just beginning his process of being courted and choosing the lucky school.

¶ Everyone wants to know the in-depth reasons behind UCLA's stagger the past three years. More suggestions can be found within.

¶ Wanna see some more college hoops material from Grantland, yeah.

¶ How Duke owns November.

¶ You get the feeling this would never fly in basketball.

¶ So, what's going on with you, Wisconsin?

¶ Kentucky insists you see how happy Ryan Harrow is back to being with Kentucky. Glad to see it. Hopefully all is truly well with the man's mind and body.

Moving Pictures and Music

The lead-off tune from the new Ben Folds Five album, the group's first record in 13 years. It's a great track. I love the way he starts off the lyrics. Overall, it's a really solid record, the kind of one that's no guarantee to be good after so many years away. The Five is one of my favorite groups. Piano, bass, drums. Kicking that much ass without a guitar is no easy feat.

What was our home / Paper, not stone / A lean-to at most ...

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