Wakeup Call: Plenty of reaction to the weekend's biggest stories

Yes, that is Jay Williams and Bill Murray, who has unfortunate facial hair. (Jay Williams' Twitter account)

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Anyone between the ages of 27 and 35 need a nostalgia trip? || What a story. Set aside some time tonight to read about the girl who cannot feel pain. || Last week was pretty heavy. Let the pictures prove it to you. || Another picture post, this one will make you feel cramped. || Take a look at Einstein's brain. || For those who've seen the new Bond film -- and if you haven't, it's worth the price -- the story behind that desolate wasteland of an island that's seen in the film.

Layup Line

¶ So, Shabazz got cleared late Friday. Here's a take in the wake of that by Marc Isenberg that you need to read.

¶ With it being Feast Week and all, a valid point from Sam Gardner here on exempt tournaments and the places they're played. I've got differing thoughts on this coming later in the week.

¶ From Friday night, a couple of takeaways on two teams who will likely flirt with the bubble this season.

¶ We'll have reaction throughout the site today and this week on Maryland/Rutgers/Big Ten/Big East. But here's one detail to know in advance of today's news.

¶ And here's a very detailed explanation of why Maryland leaving the ACC could be happening.

¶ Though we know it all comes down to money, and the profit margin for the Big Ten would be huge if it got the Terps and Scarlet Knights.

¶ A beaut of a behind-the-scenes look at Long Beach State's home game against North Carolina. Why was North Carolina willing to play at LBSU? The reason has nothing to do with anyone on the current roster.

¶ Big-time local columnist goes hard and heavy against Josh Pastner and we're not even to Thanksgiving.

¶ Speaking of Thanksgiving, should college basketball not begin until the holiday ends? I don't think so, but I'd be fine if the season started the weekend before Turkey Day, like it used to.

¶ The New York Post delivers a scathing critique of Dick Vitale. The man has his faults, but I'm now and forever grateful college basketball has him. When he goes, the sport will have a massive void.

¶ I liked this a lot. In light of MSG getting back in the NCAA tournament's festivities after decades away, a trip back in time, when the Garden used to host the NCAA tournament.

¶ The San Diego player who tried to convince teammates to throw games for money pleaded guilty to doing that.

¶ A funny post idea that took a few years to come to.

¶ The enviable Chris Jones takes the time to write a column on college basketball.

¶ Let's end things with this. I now dare you to carry on your day as you would have otherwise.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» The dirtiest crossover I think we're gonna see in college hoops this year. And if it ends up not being the case, then God have mercy on the sticks of the victim of the future.

Wound up listening to this song/record by The Shins on my way into Long Island Saturday. Perfect tune for crossing over a bridge, if you ask me. The band is pretty good, really, but became a symbol for superserious indie rock/cred in the wake of the whole OMG BEST BAND EVAR angle that came from "Garden State."

I felt like I could just fly / But nothing happened every time I tried ...

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