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| 1498267899
USC makes the cut for four-star 2018 power forward Taeshon Cherry.
| 1498259579
It comes down to development and winning, Smart said to NBC Sports this week
| 1498257840
Oregon forward Jordan Bell excited to join the Golden State Warriors
| 1498255841
Sebastian Saiz has signed a contract with the Miami Heat to play in the NBA organization's Orlando and Las Vegas summer leagues...
| 1498253880
Ohio State is clearly excited about its newest player.
| 1498252285
Future Razorback Reggie Perry watched the NBA Draft on Thursday night. Come inside to find out what his thought on the event was.
| 1498251600
In eight seasons, John Calipari has placed 24 Kentucky players in the first-round of the NBA Draft. If it were a game, the "mercy rule" would be applied to save other schools.
| 1498245133
Rivalries in college sports are something serious. Sometimes, however, trash talk goes terribly wrong. Enter Virginia Tech.
| 1498245022
Texas has one of the nation's top future prospects on campus Friday
| 1498243599
The way to early mock draft from CBS predicts Auburn will end its 16-year draught without a player selected in the NBA draft next year.

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