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Oregon received just two picks to beat North Carolina in Saturday's Final Four
The Wildcats coach urged Big Blue Nation to remain classy after some fans hassled a referee
| 1490908440
Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma is expecting a much different ball game on Friday night against MSU than last year's 60-point win.
The list of coaching salaries for 2016 was released Wednesday and Rick Pitino is No. 1
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GLENDALE, AZ. - In the Final Four, the stage is bigger, brighter and on an elevated court sitting on top of a football field. The Gamecocks are adjusting to their new stage.
A recap of some fun prop bets for the Final Four on Saturday
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The Associated Press tapped Frank Mason III as the best player in college basketball this year.
| 1490904475
While this isn't hard-hitting analysis, South Carolina has been picked as national champions.
| 1490902906
Lindell Wigginton's Oak Hill career has come to a close.
| 1490902200
The past and present of two college programs crossed paths at the Final Four in Phoenix Thursday.

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