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Bill Self's Jayhawks are 2-5 in regional finals after falling to Oregon in what amounted to a home game
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How Oregon knew exactly what Kansas was going to do on offense and why it led to Oregon's win.
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NEW YORK, N.Y. - Two SEC teams. Madison Square Garden. A Final Four berth on the line.
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NEW YORK, N.Y. - Two conference foes, who have already met twice this season, will dance one final dance with other this season and there will be no surprises.
The Ducks -- actually, the Webfoots -- haven't been to the Final Four in 78 years; the Zags never have
How do the Ducks and Bulldogs stack up against the remaining regional finalists?
You're sad, Kansas fans, but at least Lawrence P.D. can help you get through this
| 1490502124
The Kansas star freshman was asked about his pending NBA decision.
The Elite Eight games on Sunday are getting hit hard by Vegas insiders who cashed in big on Friday night
Shockingly, he still thinks his boy is the best

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