BCS Standings Reaction (Oct. 28): Kansas State, Notre Dame move up as Florida falls

Notre Dame joined Kansas State in front of Oregon in the new BCS Standings. (US Presswire)

The Eye On College Football Bloggers react to the updated BCS Standings, made official on Sunday night after the Week 7 action.  Below are the top 10 in the recently calculated standings, you can check out the full list at the Rankings Index.

BCS Standings (Oct. 28)
Rank Team  Comment
1 Alabama 
Overall: 8-0
Conference: 5-0
The good news for anyone hoping to see the Tide's reign of terror at No. 1 come to an end sometime before 2013 (or 2014? 2015?) is that the two highest-ranked teams on their 2012 regular season schedule are still to come, with their road trip to Baton Rouge on deck this coming Saturday and dangerous Texas A&M waiting to seize on any letdown the week following. The bad news? It looks like the Tide are just now finding their stride--after only covering their oversized Vegas spreads twice in their first five games, they've now done so in three straight SEC games (32-point win over Missouri, 31-point win over Tennessee, 31-point win over Mississippi State). It's possible the best time to unseat Nick Saban's team has already passed. -- Jerry Hinnen
2 Kansas State 
Overall: 8-0
Conference: 5-0
While many of their fellow frontrunners have begun to sputter down the stretch, the Wildcats have hit the gas in back-to-back wins over West Virginia and Texas Tech, hanging 55 points on both in frighteningly efficient fashion. They also have the clearest path to an undefeated finish, against four Big 12 rivals – Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor and Texas – reeling from the ravages of injuries, attrition and terrible defense. With a head-to-head tiebreaker over Oklahoma already in the bag, K-State can afford a mulligan in one of those four and still wind up in a BCS game as the conference champ. With each passing week, though, their sights get a little higher, and so do the stakes of a stumble. -- Matt Hinton
3 Notre Dame 
Overall: 8-0
Conference: N/A
It's a lot harder to dismiss what's happening in South Bend now, isn't it? The Fighting Irish went to Norman and Saturday night and not only beat an Oklahoma team that might have been playing the best football of any team in the land, but beat them by 17 and never trailed. Now the Irish have to avoid a letdown. After playing what seems like a ranked team every week so far this season the Irish now get Pittsburgh, Boston College and Wake Forest before finishing the season with USC. Should they win out it'll be hard to keep them out of the BCS Championship. -- Tom Fornelli
4 Oregon 
Overall: 8-0
Conference: 5-0
Oregon is being punished for its schedule a little bit, but let's remember that it wasn't the Ducks who cancelled a game against Kansas State this season, it was the Wildcats. As for what the Ducks can control, they're taking care of business against the rest of the Pac-12. The question is, after USC's loss against Arizona on Saturday, would two wins against USC -- if USC wins the South -- and a win against an Oregon State team that's no longer undefeated be enough to vault Oregon past Notre Dame or Kansas State should they stay undefeated as well? -- TF
5 LSU 
Overall: 7-1
Conference: 3-1
One thing is certain--after facing Alabama at home this Saturday, the Bayou Bengals won't be in the No. 5 spot again next week. Either the Tigers win, move up to No. 4 at minimum, and start the most contentious BCS controversy of the season -- should a team with wins over Alabama, South Carolina and Texas A&M and a single eight-point loss at Florida get a nod over an undefeated team another BCS conference? -- or they fall to the Tide and slink down to the 9th and 10th spots with the other two-loss teams, out of the national title race for good. It's a huge opportunity; it's an equally huge challenge. -- JH
6 Georgia 
Overall: 7-1
Conference: 5-1
Has any team done more for itself in the space of 60 minutes in 2012 than the Bulldogs did Saturday? After their drubbing in Columbia and somnabulant performances against the likes of Kentucky and Buffalo, Georgia seemed headed for the title of "SEC's Most Disappointing Team, non-Tiger and/or Razorback Division." Fast-forward to the aftermath of the Cocktail Party, and the Dawgs are one home game vs. Ole Miss and one road win over dead-and-buried Auburn from going back to Atlanta. Already at No. 6 in the BCS and with a possible shot at Alabama coming in the friendly(ish) confines of the Georgia Dome, one win has taken the Dawgs from SEC East afterthought to legitimate national title player. -- JH
7 Florida 
Overall: 7-1
Conference: 6-1
The Gators are not dead yet, but if Saturday's turnover-marred, 17-9 loss to Georgia wasn't a mortal wound, it does mean they're going to need some unlikely help from one of the Bulldogs' last two SEC opponents, Ole Miss or Auburn. Barring a miracle in one of those games, UGA is on its way to Atlanta as the East Division champion, and the math necessary to get Florida into one of the top two spots is... well, let's just say the odds are not good. Should chaos strike, though, the Gators still boast arguably the best three-win combo on any resumé in the country, over LSU, South Carolina and Texas A&M. If they can add Florida State to that list, they may have a fighting chance among other one-loss teams.-- MH
8 South Carolina (17)
Overall: 7-2
Conference: 5-2
The Gamecocks will be missing star Marcus Lattimore for the rest of the season, and while Sunday's report was hopeful you have to think the offense will take a step back without him in the lineup. Connor Shaw can lead them to a victory against Arkansas, but it will be the season finale against Clemson that could determine if the Gamecocks can steal a BCS at-large bid. -- Chip Patterson
9 Florida State 
Overall: 8-1
Conference: 5-1
Florida State laid the hammer on Duke, and welcomed the Blue Devils to bowl eligibility in the harshest way on Saturday. The Seminoles are actually getting very little help from the computers, but the nation's 4th best scoring offense continues to impress the voters on Sunday. -- CP
10 Louisville 
Overall: 8-0
Conference: 3-0
Louisville nearly saw its Big East title dreams - and any hopes of an undefeated season - crushed by Munchie Legaux and Cincinnati, but yet another clutch performance from Teddy Bridgewater keeps the Cardinals shooting up the board. The Cardinals are a long shot to break the Top 4, even if they keep winning, but this season has already shown us plenty of crazy results. So why not keep winning and see, right? -- CP

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