Charles Barkley is annoyed by Johnny Manziel

Johny Manziel has Charles Barkley ready to yell 'Roll Tide.'
Johnny Manziel has Charles Barkley ready to yell 'Roll Tide.' (USATSI)

Everybody everywhere has an opinion on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and everybody everywhere has or will share that opinion in the near future. The latest person to do so is Hall of Fame NBA player Charles Barkley.

While talking to ESPN Radio in Chicago, Barkley -- an Auburn alum -- said he finds Manziel so annoying that he's actually rooting for Alabama this weekend.

"Johnny Manziel, he's doing something I never thought was possible," said Barkley. "He's going to make me root for Alabama this weekend. I never thought I would say those words. I am so close to saying 'Roll Tide.' Johnny Manziel is annoying me so much. I'm really close to saying 'Roll Tide.'"

"[Auburn fans are] not going to be happy, but let me tell you something. Johnny Manziel, oh my God, the only thing saving Manziel is Miley Cyrus. ... I just think that Johnny Manziel has done a lot of stupid stuff in the last three or four months."

And if there's anybody who knows about doing a lot of stupid stuff when they were younger, it's Charles Barkley. In a way Barkley was Johnny Manziel before Johnny Manziel was, though Barkley didn't gain notoriety for what he did off the court until he was already playing in the NBA.

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