City council passes resolution demanding SEC Network

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The people of Gulfport, Mississippi demand their SEC. (USATSI)

The city council of Gulfport, Miss., knows what the people of Gulfport want, and damn it, the city council of Gulfport, Miss., is doing everything in its power to make sure the people of Gulfport get it.

And that's why the city council unanimously passed a resolution last week demanding that the local cable provider, Cable One, carries the SEC Network when it launches in August.

From the Sun Herald:

Councilman Myles Sharp brought up the resolution earlier this week, opining he noticed when he went off to college in Oxford the small town offered better cable fare than Gulfport. Cable One, he thinks, needs to step up its game.

The council unanimously passed Sharp's resolution, though Cara Pucheu did so reluctantly. If Gulfport gets the SEC network, she said, she will never be able to pry her son from the screen for homework or chores. She seemed to be joking. Sort of.

Now, this might seem like a silly thing for a city council to concern itself with, but I totally get it. I live in Chicago, and I remember how important it was to me that my cable company picked up the Big Ten Network when that was first launching, and there was a chance it wasn't going to happen. I wish the local goverment here would have stepped in to help.

I mean, it would have been a lot more useful than thinking they can get another state school into the Big Ten.

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