Deion Sanders Jr under scrutiny for trip to Lil' Wayne concert

"This is how stupid my life is," says Deion Sanders about his son's concert trip. (USATSI)

Sometimes college football can just be so stupid.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Southern Methodist's compliance department is investigating Deion Sanders Jr. -- yes, the son of that Deion Sanders -- and his teammates Ajee Montes, Cedric Lancaster and Neal Burcham after they went to a Lil' Wayne concert. Sanders tweeted a photo of himself and his teammates backstage at the concert, and now SMU is looking into whether or not the quartet used their status as SMU players to work their way backstage.

That would be an NCAA violation.

Well, I think Deion Sanders Sr. summed the whole situation up rather perfectly when asked about it.

“My son is at SMU. He just called me - this is how stupid my life is - he said the NCAA is investigating him now because I just took him to a Lil’ Wayne concert," Sanders told the paper. "Lil’ Wayne is one of my best friends and they’re trying to say that they got into the concert because they’re SMU football players. That’s how stupid the stuff is.”

Indeed, that's how stupid some of this stuff is.

And, to be clear, I don't blame the SMU compliance department for looking into the situation. They're just doing what they're there to do because the NCAA basically has rules against everything.

I think a player brushing his teeth with his girlfriend's toothbrush is probably an NCAA violation that could result in the loss of scholarships, and possibly his girlfriend.

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