Florida State to help Jameis Winston pay for $10M insurance policy

Jameis Winston is getting help paying his insurance costs. (USATSI)

Earlier this summer Florida State QB Jameis Winston bought a $10 million insurance package, split evenly between permanent disability and loss of value policies. 

Typically that would yield a steep bill, but Winston and his family will get help paying the sizable premiums from Florida State. Specifically, the Student Assistant Fund will pay for Winston’s loss of value policy, which could be as much as $60,000. 

Winston would collect on the total permanent disability policy if something catastrophic were to happen and he got injured during the upcoming season and could never play again. The loss of value policy pertains to Winston’s projected draft slot -- he’s eligible to enter the NFL Draft after this season. If he were to drop from his projected high first-round slot due to injury or illness, he could collect a certain percentage. 

According to the NCAA’s website, schools can utilize the Student Assistant Fund to help athletes meet “financial needs that arise in conjunction with participation in intercollegiate athletics, enrollment in an academic curriculum, or that recognize academic achievement.”

How the fund ultimately gets distributed lies at the discretion of the individual conferences.

It’s extremely nice of Florida State given the fact that Winston can’t head to the NFL this season. It would seem that FSU’s generosity is geared at trying to convince Winston to stay next year, when he should be NFL eligible. 

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