Iron Bowl shutout promotion leads to jewelry giveaway for Alabama store owner

Auburn's goose egg in its 49-0 Iron Bowl demolition last Saturday at the hands of Alabama wasn't exactly difficult to see coming. The Tigers had failed to score an offensive point in the 2011 meeting, requiring defensive and special-teams touchdowns to reach 14 points. They'd averaged just 11.6 points in their first seven SEC games, a number boosted heavily by three meaningless touchdowns in a hideous rout against Texas A&M. They'd also been shut out at home by Georgia only two weeks earlier before traveling to take on the nation's No. 1 defense in Tuscaloosa.

But Gardendale (Ala.) jewelry store owner Jeff Dennis pressed ahead with a Black Friday promotion that he'd used the previous season, offering customers a full refund for any purchase the week of the Iron Bowl if either team -- "either team" in 2012 meaning "Auburn" -- was shut out. The Tigers' failure to dent the scoreboard meant that any jewelry bought at the store Nov. 16-23 was essentially free -- and Dennis owed his customers what he called "tens of thousands of dollars."

"There were some tense moments in my house in the third and fourth quarter, and I was probably the only home that was a little concerned," Dennis told CBS 42 from nearby Birmingham. "But it's all good. I'm insured, so we're having fun."

Video of CBS 42's report:  

Dennis posted to his Facebook page after the Iron Bowl that the promotion had resulted in "even a couple hundred happy Auburn Fans right now too!" (And given that only the most delusional Auburn fans couldn't have seen a result like Saturday's coming, we don't doubt him.) But here's a guess that his insurer -- per his Facebook, London giant Lloyd's of London -- isn't nearly so thrilled, and that his premiums are about to see just a bit of a hike.

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