LOOK: Kansas unveils 'Crimson Chrome' uniforms

Well, Kansas , you haven't accomplished a whole lot on the football field the last few seasons.

But no one can knock your commitment when it comes to the highly competitive field of alternate uniforms. You unveiled a whole wardrobe's worth of alternate looks in the summer of 2013 -- a handful of them downright slick, in fact -- and now you've spiced up your fall camp by introducing this "Crimson Chrome" uniform, as tweeted by approving freshman receiver Darious Crawley:

Via Kansas's official Twitter feed, here's quarterback Michael Cummings showing off the uniform to the rest of the team for the first time:

And another look:

As a comprehensive look, it's a little too ... red. (Said it before, will say it again: monochromatic uniforms don't belong on a football field.) But the helmets are so ridiculously over-the-top -- the oversized Jayhawk head! the red! the chrome! -- that we can't help but applaud the lids, at least. Now Kansas just needs to find a jersey-pants combination to live up to them, frightening as the prospect might be.

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