Photo: Alabama fan gets a 'Sons of Saban' tattoo

Finally, somebody has come up with the perfect tattoo for that Alabama fan in your life who happens to love two things: Nick Saban and the television show Sons of Anarchy.

If you aren't aware, Sons of Anarchy is a TV show about a motorcycle gang in northern California, and it's a pretty good show. I know I have my DVR set to record it every week when it airs during the summer.

However, just because I'm willing to give this Alabama fan some credit for having good taste in television, it's all wiped out by the idiotic decision to get this tattoo on his back. While I'm not big on tattoos in general, it's tattoos like these that I find to be truly idiotic.

First of all, if you really love Alabama and Nick Saban that much, buy a T-shirt. I mean, if the one aspect of who you are that you want other people to know is you like football and a man you don't actually know, the T-shirt accomplishes just as much as a tattoo on your back. Plus, it's generally more visible than the tattoo -- though I'm willing to bet that somebody who gets a tattoo like this spends the majority of his time shirtless -- costs less and doesn't cause nearly as much pain.

Aside from all that, there's also the fact that tattoos are permanent unless you want to pay somebody to laser them off of you. However, Nick Saban and Sons of Anarchy are not. Eventually, Nick Saban will retire and Sons of Anarchy will no longer be on the air. But there you'll be, sitting in a bar 50 years from now with your friends squinting their eyes really hard trying to figure out just what the hell that blob of black ink on your back is supposed to be.

And you probably won't remember, either.

Via Dr. Saturday

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