PHOTO: Arizona State could be getting new helmets

When uniform analyst UniWatch first tweeted this photo of a set of new Arizona State helmets in some kind of (likely recruiting-related) conference room display, it wasn't clear whether they were simply prototypes for said display or something the Sun Devils might actually wear on the field.

Tuesday, UniWatch clarified that "a little birdie" had informed him the helmets "will definitely be in the on-field mix next season." So, Sun Devils fans, hope you like them:

The take here is that while a lot of Nike's over-the-top uniform change-ups have been, well, too far over the top, their oversized helmet logos have usually worked, and worked well; the Boise State lid with the huge glaring bronco already feels like one of the more recognizable helmets anywhere outside of the BCS.

The same principle could apply to these Arizona State helmets, which take last year's already successful transplanting of the pitchfork and build on it by both supersizing the logo and making it an outline -- giving it an old-school geometric-logo feel even while taking the new-school approach of blowing it up.

In short, if there's still any question in Tempe about whether these ought to be worn on the field this fall, it ought to be answered with an emphatic yes.

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