PHOTO: Arkansas' new 'Speedflex' helmets

Bret Bielema has been in the news a lot this offseason talking about player safety. Player safety is the main reason Bielema said he was for the proposed "10-second rule" that was tabled and will be considered for next season.

Well, continuing with the player safety theme, Bielema tweeted out a photo of the new helmets that Arkansas will be wearing this season.

The helmet is called the Riddell Speedflex, and if you can't read what the photo says, luckily for you, I can.

"The Speedflex's unique shell design is engineered to disperse energy and reduce the risk of trauma, while Riddell's InSite Player Management Softward alerts the sideline to significant, single or multiple impacts that possess attributes that may result in a possible concussion."

In other words, the helmet's design can help reduce the number of concussions, and it also alerts coaching staffs when a concussion may have occurred due to the kind of impact players are taking.

It's hard to argue against equipment that tries to keep a player safe, and should these helmets work, I'm guessing we'll see a lot of teams wearing similar helmets in the very near future.

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