PHOTO: Clemson QBs have cameras built into their helmets

Attaching cameras to the helmets of a quarterback isn't new, as coaches have done it to better understand what their quarterbacks are doing on the field, but Clemson has taken the idea to a different level this year.

Here's a photo of the helmets that Clemson quarterbacks are wearing these days.

Yes, it's built into the helmet. I'm guessing these kind of helmets will become common in the near future, though whether or not they'll be worn during games I'm not so sure.

I mean, right now it's already a 15-yard penalty if you make contact with a quarterback's head during play. I don't know that they'll want to tack on the price of a broken camera to it as well because I'm pretty sure scholarships don't cover that.

Hat tip: @PhilHecken

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