PHOTO: Memphis puts punter on cover of media guide

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Tom Hornsey gets plenty of work as the Memphis punter. (Memphis)

That is Memphis punter Tom Hornsey wanting you to hear him roar on the cover of this year's Memphis media guide. Yes, that's right, Memphis has put its punter on the cover of its media guide, and it wants you to hear him roar as he sends one of his many, many punts into the air.

Of course, the reason Hornsey has punted so often during his first three seasons in Memphis is because Memphis just hasn't been very good. The Tigers are 9-39 since the 2009 season, with last year's 4-8 mark being the high-water mark in that time. In 2011 Hornsey's 95 punts were more than any other punter in the country. In 2010 only three punters were busier than Hornsey.

What we're saying is he's had a lot of practice. So when you ask yourself, "Why in the world would Memphis put a punter on the cover of its media guide," you now know it's because he's probably the most recognizable player on the roster.

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