PHOTO: Minor league team giving away James Franklin bobblehead

James Franklin bobblehead doll
That's the real-life James Franklin, not the bobblehead James Franklin. (USATSI)

The State College Spikes are a minor league team located in State College, Pennsylvania, which is the same town that Penn State calls home. So it would only make sense that the St. Louis Cardinals affiliate would try to use that connection to boost attendance a bit, and what better way to do that than with a bobblehead doll?

Bobbleheads are baseball fan crack, after all. I'm guessing it's because watching a bobblehead bobble its head is just as fulfilling as watching a baseball game, but a plain old bobblehead by itself won't put butts in the seats.

In order to do that you're going to need a James Franklin bobblehead.

It actually kind of almost looks like him and everything!

I really hope somebody goes to this game, gets their Franklin bobblehead and then leaves it in the spot Joe Paterno's statue used to be at.

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