PHOTO: SMU builds a roaring fire on the Jumbotron

The good news: the snow that blanketed SMU's Gerald Ford Stadium Friday has been swept away, and Saturday's game between the Mustangs and AAC champion UCF is on. The bad news: temperatures are expected to be well below freezing, with a not-insubstantial wind chill on top of that. 

But wait, here's the good-good news: via Orlando Sentinel reporter Paul Tenorio, SMU is getting creative when it comes to helping the few fans in attendance (who got in free, by the way, thanks to the conditions). Just pull up a stadium seat, fans, and warm yourself by the Jumbotron:

No, an image of a crackling fire may not make you actually feel better. In fact, it may make you angry that you're at a freezing football game instead of home instead of an actual fire. But we admire SMU's commitment to the power of positive thinking all the same.

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