PHOTO: Vols fan family dresses up for spring game

Look, it's pretty simple: If your team is coming off of back-to-back bowlless seasons, has lost nearly all of its offensive playmakers, and is on its way to scoring a grand total of one offensive touchdown in its spring game, you're entitled as fans to generate your own excitement, right?

Which is why we offer two hearty thumbs-up to this enterprising (but unidentified) family of Volunteers fans, photographed at Saturday's Tennessee spring game by Twitter user @ACat22:

Yes, yes, if you were looking for these costumes at your local Halloween party store this October, the closest you'd come would be the selections in the "pimp" aisle. But if you've got anything more to say than that, you're just jealous that you never felt as cool those two bow-tie-wearing, sunglasses-rocking, cane-wielding youngsters look like they feel when you were their age. (Also, if you remember the baby Dooley costume that made the rounds a couple of Halloweens back, you know that Vols fans dressing up their children have to come strong, or not come at all.) 

Besides, again, this is a former BCS championship program that's finished above .500 once in the past five seasons -- that under the single-season watch of the despised Lane Kiffin -- and hired Butch Jones after serious flirtations with Jon Gruden and Charlie Strong. If Vols fans need to push the envelope a little bit, it's time to cut them as much slack as they need.

HT: Gamedayr via EDSBS 

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