PHOTO: Winston restrained in Gators-'Noles baseball scuffle

If you've ever wondered if the baseball version of the Florida -Florida State rivalry was any less spirited than the one on the gridiron, well, Tuesday night's events have probably cleared that up for you -- and returned Jameis Winston to the headlines as well.

As described here by the Florida Times-Union, a collision along the first-base line between the Seminoles' D.J. Stewart and Florida pitcher Danny Young led to an on-field scuffle -- watching the video, it's clear the phrase "brawl" is vastly overselling it -- in which both dugouts emptied. And via this photo from the Times-Union, it's clear that the reigning Heisman Trophy winner wasn't worried about getting involved ... very involved, from the looks of things:

It all came to nothing in the end, but you'll forgive any Florida State football diehards from wishing Winston hadn't stuck his proverbial nose into an area where the chances of it being punched were quite that high.

But even Winston couldn't help the Seminoles' bottom line on the night; the Gators defeated their No. 1-ranked rivals 4-1 at Jacksonville's Baseball Grounds, a neutral site. 

UPDATE: It turns out Winston nonetheless got the last laugh on one Florida fan before the game started. Again via the Times-Union, here he is signing autographs before the game, and here's the result when asked to sign a Gator hat:

Point, Mr. Winston.

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