PHOTOS: LSU hosts best 1st-grade field trip in field trip history

I went on a field trip in first grade. It was probably exciting at the time. It couldn't have been all that special, though, because I don't remember where the trip actually went -- just that the bus passed a hydroelectric dam on the way.

So listen, first-graders who went on a tour of LSU's Tiger Stadium on Wednesday, first-graders who were photographed and tweeted by LSU public relations official Herb Vincent: you should know that first-grade me is absolutely seething with jealousy, because if I had gotten to do something as incredible as running out of the LSU tunnel, that I would remember:

There's another photo from Vincent here in which the kids' tour of Tiger Stadium takes them in front of a wall of NFL helmets (one presumably to record which LSU players have played or been drafted by which team). This only makes first-grade me -- who collected the little toy NFL helmets you could buy for a quarter in the turn-crank vending machines at the grocery store -- that much more envious. Look at all those awesome helmets, kids! You're not looking hard enough!

Sigh. Anyway, Tiger Stadium-touring first-graders, just appreciate how lucky you are. That's all I'm asking. For some of us, driving past a dam was as good as it got.

More photos, courtesy of Vincent and LSU:

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