PHOTOS: Mississippi State unveils uniforms

Another day, another new set of uniforms. Today's contestant on Offseason College Football Fashion Show: Mississippi State, who debuted their new Adidas-designed look with a presentation Thursday at its website. 

Here's the video section of the unveiling, featuring the now-obligatory logo gloves:

And here's a selection of photos from a gallery:

Our initial impression: from the front, and the back, that's an understated, classy look that avoids many of the "HEY! Look! New unis!" pitfalls we see from the likes of, oh, just to pick a name out of a hat, Maryland. A little more pizzazz might be nice, but overall, these look both modern and like Mississippi State. That's a win. (The state of Mississippi on the back of the collar is a nice touch, and of course in line with the rest of State's "This is our state" needling of their Oxford rivals.)

Our one gripe is here:

So, that's one stripe that 1. starts 2. stops for the number 3. starts again on the undershirt 4. stops at the end of the half-sleeve 5. starts again in a different color on the pants 6. ends at the cuff. That's a lot going on for one stripe.

But aside from that minor piece of unnecessary busyness, it's thumbs up.

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