Rich Homie Quan to meet up with Michigan State in Pasadena

Entering 2013, Michigan State hadn't been to a Rose Bowl in 25 years, so you'd expect there to be a few surprises and detours along the way if they were to actually make it. And sure enough, as those detours go, none was more entertaining than Mark Dantonio dancing in the Spartan locker room to "Type of Way," the rap hit by wonderfully named Atlanta-based artist Rich Homie Quan.

"Type of Way" wound up as the Spartans' 2013 anthem of sorts, and even led to a Rich Homie Quan name-drop from Dantonio himself in the wake of State's triumph over Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game:

And despite his Atlanta roots, it turns out Rich Homie Quan is thrilled by Dantonio's and the Spartans' embrace of the song -- so much so that reports that "a plan to join Quan with the team and the coaching staff in Los Angeles is in place, all indications being that he'll be present and a part of the Spartans' Rose Bowl journey some type of way sooner than later."

"Coach said my name twice, and it sent chills through me,'' Quansaid of the postgame interview above. "He could have mentioned anyone in the whole world. I mean, a man 57 years old liking me and doing that. I truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.''

Quan said he hoped to wear a Spartan jersey with the No. 31 on it -- the number belonging to star corner Darqueze Dennard, a Georgia native and one of driving forces behind the locker room's adoption of the song (which -- language warning -- you can hear here).

No, the image an underground Atlanta rapper wearing Spartan green and receiving an enthusiastic welcome from Mark Dantonio in Pasadena still doesn't seem less than bizarre ... but after 25 years, it's no less bizarre than the Spartans heading to Pasadena in the first place, right? Which means, in turn, it makes all the sense in the world.

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