Southern Miss coach Todd Monken sounds off on idea of Division I split

Southern Mississippi coach Todd Monken has some thoughts about the idea of the five power conferences splitting off from the rest of Division I, and he's not afraid to share them.

While talking at Conference USA media days Monken did not hold back.

"I would propose to [the power conferences] this: If you want to split off, let's just do it that way, but you play each other, and you don't get to play us then," Monken told the Sun Sentinel.
"Go ahead. See how you like that. See how you like the NFL rule and play each other every week. Coaches will be like 'Whoa, hold on, wait a second now.'"

"Go ahead and do your deal — you guys split all the pie — but don't go playing anyone else. You just play each other every week. Just have a nice NFL crossover where you play each other. Then when you fire up a nice 7-5, and you're at a pretty good place and they fire you, they won't be real excited about it, because you won't have those games that they've been able to win. Plain and simple."

"Some of those teams that get bowl eligible when they go 2-6 in their league and they go 6-6. Well, you'll be 2-10, or 3-9, and it won't feel so damn salty."

Well how do you really feel, Todd?

While nobody can be sure what the future holds, it's clear at this point that changes are coming, we just don't know what they'll be. NCAA president Mark Emmert announced a January summit of all the Division I schools on Thursday night to discuss changes to NCAA policy.

Whether or not those changes will include schools from the five power conferences playing by a different set of rules from other Division I conferences -- hey, it wouldn't be the first time this has happened, just look at Major League Baseball -- or splitting off remains to be seen.

But if there is a split one day, we already know how Todd Monken will feel about it.

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