The Best Worst Ten: Week Nine

Oregon and Stanford will play a nationally televised Thursday night game in 2013. (USATSI)
Can anybody catch Trent Miles' team? (USATSI)

Anybody can put together a list of the best ten teams in the country, but figuring out the worst ten teams in the country is a lot more fun.

Big changes in The Best Worst Ten this week as both our No. 1 and No. 2 teams did the impossible and won on Saturday. How far did this knock them down our rankings? Who climbed into first place?

Well I'm not going to waste your time. Let's get right to it.

No. 10 Massachusetts 1-7 (Last week: 9)

Average Score: 10.6-28.9

Best Win: 17-10 vs. Miami (Ohio)

Worst Loss: 24-14 vs. Maine

The reason Western Michigan is no longer ranked second here? Well that would be because the Broncos got to play the Minutemen. And while the Minutemen did a good job of losing, they just played too well, losing by only a point against a bad team. That will cause you to drop a spot in The Best Worst Ten.

Next Game: 11/2 vs. Northern Illinois

No. 9 Western Michigan 1-8 (2)

Average Score: 15.3-36.7

Best Win: 31-30 at Massachusetts

Worst Loss: 27-23 vs. Nicholls State

You can't afford mistakes like that 31-30 win over UMass if you're going to get to the top around here. P.J. Fleck's team was rowing the boat the wrong way. Hopefully the Broncos can use their bye week to get things back in order as they prepare for a top ten matchup with Eastern Michigan in two weeks.

Next Game: 11/9 at Eastern Michigan

No. 8 Idaho 1-7 (8)

Average Score: 16.1-45.1

Best Win: 26-24 vs. Temple

Worst Loss: 40-6 at North Texas

Idaho did all it could to help itself move out of the eighth spot in a 59-14 loss to Ole Miss on Saturday, but it just wasn't enough. Getting beat up by an SEC team just doesn't do as much as getting beaten up by a Sun Belt team would have. The Vandals need to schedule better.

Next Game: 11/2 vs. Texas State

No. 7 New Mexico State 1-7 (1)

Average Score: 18.5-45.9

Best Win: 34-29 vs. Abilene Christian

Worst Loss: 66-17 at New Mexico

I know you're wondering how New Mexico State falls from first to seventh after barely beating Abilene Christian. Well, it's easy to explain. First of all, we punish wins around here. Secondly, the Aggies schedule was actually pretty tough coming into this game, they were just doing an excellent job of getting curbstomped week in and week out. But now, with this win combined with that strength of schedule, and they're in a tailspin. Still time to fix it, though.

Next Game: 11/2 at Louisiana-Lafayette

No. 6 Temple 1-7 (Unranked)

Average Score: 22.6-30.9

Best Win: 33-14 vs. Army

Worst Loss: 30-29 vs. Fordham

Temple fell out of the top ten after beating Army last week, but its 59-49 loss to an SMU team that was 2-4 has launched them back in and all the way up to sixth. With games coming up against both Rutgers and UCF in the next few weeks odds are the Owls will fly even higher before their huge matchup with UConn in late November.

Next Game: 11/2 at Rutgers

No. 5 Connecticut 0-7 (6)

Average Score: 16.4-35.1

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 33-18 vs. Towson

The Huskies are the lowest ranked team without a win in the country, and they have nothing to blame for it but their schedule. Games against winning teams like Maryland, Michigan, Buffalo, Cincinnati and UCF? This is not the path one takes to the top, my friends. And facing another ranked team this week? It's like the Huskies aren't even trying, and not trying is only rewarded here when it's on the field.

Next Game: 11/8 vs. Louisville

No. 4 Eastern Michigan 1-7 (7)

Average Score: 19.8-44.3

Best Win: 34-24 vs. Howard

Worst Loss: 50-25 at Army

See, now Eastern Michigan knows how it's done. If you have to win, squeeze by an FCS opponent. If you're going to play a ranked team that can hurt your schedule strength, get crushed like the Eagles did in their 59-20 loss to Northern Illinois on Saturday. Though, honestly, those 20 points might have been too much. Luckily a few of the teams in front of EMU won and helped it climb three spots in the rankings.

Next Game: 11/2 at Toledo

No. 3 Southern Mississippi 0-7 (5)

Average Score: 12.7-42.3

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 24-23 vs. FIU

Since last week this is the team I've heard the most about. People are of the opinion that Southern Miss is the worst team in the league, but they're wrong. Though they've climbed into the top three this week, losing to teams like Nebraska, Arkansas, Boise State, East Carolina and North Texas just isn't as impressive as losing to the teams the two schools ranked ahead of it are.

Next Game: 11/2 at Marshall

No. 2 Miami (Ohio) 0-8 (4)

Average Score: 10.9-32.5

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 17-10 at UMass

What the SEC is to the BCS rankings, the MAC is to The Best Worst Ten. And there is no MAC team better at being worse than the RedHawks right now. Of course, while the 41-16 loss to Ohio normally would only be enough to help Miami hold its ground, the wins of Western Michigan and New Mexico State this week are the only things that caused the RedHawks to move up to second.

Next Game: 11/5 vs. Bowling Green

No. 1 Georgia State 0-8 (3)

Average Score: 15.8-36

Best Win: None

Worst Loss: 42-14 vs. Chattanooga

As long as Georgia State keeps losing like it did to Louisiana-Monroe this week, I just don't think anybody is capable of catching it. I mean, the Panthers have lost to three FCS teams this season! Not one, not two, THREE! That is excellence, my friends. The standard is being set and Georgia State is the only one who can mess this up for Georgia State.

Next Game: 11/2 vs. Western Kentucky

No Longer Ranked: Hawaii

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