VIDEO: Georgia football, Oregon's mascot do the Harlem Shake

Before delving into the videos you're about to see, an introduction for those of us unfamiliar with the "Harlem Shake," by way of Wikipedia:

The Harlem Shake is an Internet phenomenon based on viral videos that began to gain popularity in February 2013,[1] following the release of a video by the YouTube comedy vlogger Filthy Frank. The phenomenon spread due to people's efforts to replicate the video. The videos feature the song Harlem Shake by electronic musician Baauer, and a dancing style not to be confused with the original Harlem Shake.[2] Normally, each video begins with one person (often masked) dancing to the song alone, surrounded by other people unaware of the dancing individual. When the bass drops, the camera transitions to the entire crowd doing the dance, often wearing a minimum of clothes or crazy outfits. The success of the video was said to be attributed by its breakout moment and short length.

Percentage odds that a meme like this one wouldn't spawn any number of attempts from the nation's highly YouTube-friendly (and meme-friendly) athletic departments: Zero-point-zero. Here's the Georgia football version*:

And you knew Puddles was going to get in on the act, though the most interesting part of this clip is the dedication at the end:

So: that's the Harlem Shake. Consider yourself informed. And, if you're like us, still a little confused.

*BONUS video: the Georgia football version may have been inspired by the Bulldogs swim team's clip, one of the top handful of Harlem Shake videos on the whole of the Internet and one with nearly 5 million YouTube views since its Feb. 11 upload. En ... joy?

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