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Brigham Young vs. Gonzaga

Gonzaga Bulldogs Statistics
G. Bell, G306-141-41-1051021314
R. Sacre, C274-90-03-6351202211
K. Pangos, G242-60-30-003241024
E. Harris, F211-31-14-426142017
G. Landry Edi, F50-10-10-111020020
M. Carter, G343-60-17-9243420213
S. Dower, C266-110-13-4050100215
D. Stockton, G243-71-40-115511007
M. Hart, G60-00-02-201011032
M. Keita, G20-10-10-000000000
M. Monninghoff, F10-30-30-000000000
R. Spangler, FDid Not Play
Totals 25-613-1920-289351319931773
Brigham Young Cougars Statistics
N. Hartsock, F3510-190-04-52143112324
B. Davies, F317-120-01-3251411415
M. Carlino, G287-131-23-4005330318
A. Winder, G274-81-41-2045030210
C. Abouo, G-F191-40-12-201110044
B. Zylstra, G-F252-30-10-004112024
C. Cusick, G150-30-10-003202010
N. Austin, F-C121-50-21-102001043
D. Harrison, G82-21-10-013221005
C. Collinsworth, FDid Not Play
N. Martineau, GDid Not Play
S. Rogers, FDid Not Play
J. Sharp, FDid Not Play
I. Harward, F-CDid Not Play
A. Nelson, GDid Not Play
J. Sweeney, G-FDid Not Play
Totals 34-693-1212-1753620121432383