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Murray State vs. Tennessee State

Tennessee State Tigers Statistics
R. Covington, F386-123-52-6381421417
W. Peters, G352-31-12-504344047
P. Miller, G355-110-12-4123330212
M. Rhett, F192-70-00-015001134
J. Harris, G111-20-00-000110012
K. Moore, F264-81-27-9151040116
J. Cyphers, G193-60-24-6243210210
K. Thornton, F132-20-00-124020044
C. Conner, F50-10-00-000100000
M. Bawa, CDid Not Play
T. Fredrick, GDid Not Play
M. Green, FDid Not Play
K. Butcher, GDid Not Play
T. Ward, GDid Not Play
Totals 25-525-1117-31103213161522172
Murray State Racers Statistics
I. Canaan, G3610-137-104-6061610331
J. Long, G342-91-31-222240016
I. Aska, F303-50-12-226000038
D. Poole, G253-102-72-2003440510
E. Daniel, F251-30-01-216312243
L. Mushatt, G183-40-02-318010038
Z. Jackson, G171-30-10-011410122
B. Garrett, F80-10-00-000011010
S. Wilson, F70-20-10-202000010
J. Burge, GDid Not Play
J. Bland, GDid Not Play
H. Nussman, CDid Not Play
Totals 23-5010-2312-197311318832368