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Nebraska vs. Creighton

Creighton Bluejays Statistics
A. Chatman, G373-72-40-003231038
G. Gibbs, G362-70-21-5151012025
D. McDermott, F3210-192-45-7042300127
J. Manigat, G290-20-10-002100110
G. Echenique, C264-70-04-63121322312
E. Wragge, F183-53-50-001010039
A. Dingman, G121-21-10-024010013
W. Artino, C20-00-00-000000000
T. Stormberg, G20-00-00-000000000
G. Groselle, C20-00-00-000000000
N. Johnson, G-F20-00-00-000000000
A. Yates, G20-10-00-000000000
J. Jones, GDid Not Play
M. Oginni, FDid Not Play
A. Olsen, FDid Not Play
I. Zierden, GDid Not Play
J. Kelling, GDid Not Play
Totals 23-508-1710-186311612531464
Nebraska Cornhuskers Statistics
D. Talley, G355-162-52-4353200114
B. Ubel, F345-110-10-0480110310
R. Gallegos, G332-81-50-005020025
B. Parker, G250-30-10-000520010
A. Almeida, C193-60-00-105010436
S. Shields, G202-51-20-101010115
M. Peltz, G160-30-10-004011020
D. Rivers, G131-40-10-001121042
T. Menke, G20-00-00-000000000
J. Tyrance, F20-00-00-000000000
S. Vucetic, C10-00-00-000000000
K. Kurkowski, CDid Not Play
D. Biggs, GDid Not Play
M. Ritchie, GDid Not Play
Totals 18-564-162-6729912351742