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Creighton vs. Indiana State

Indiana State Sycamores Statistics
J. Gant, C315-132-50-0011111312
J. Odum, G294-121-24-5251210013
M. Arop, F264-82-33-4020310113
D. Cummings, G252-41-10-001400005
J. Kitchell, F150-00-03-423020033
R. Mahurin, F242-50-13-725210037
K. Smith, G221-20-00-002212022
D. Brown, G213-51-22-412001039
L. Eitel, G71-20-00-001000002
B. Burnett, GDid Not Play
T. Bell, G-FDid Not Play
M. Samuels, CDid Not Play
R. Smith, FDid Not Play
Totals 22-517-1415-247221010611566
Creighton Bluejays Statistics
A. Chatman, G374-72-33-4019210313
G. Gibbs, G350-10-14-614831134
D. McDermott, F349-192-65-6190300325
G. Echenique, C267-90-02-3390104216
J. Manigat, G192-22-20-000200046
A. Dingman, G262-52-40-035301006
E. Wragge, F193-63-60-002000029
T. Stormberg, G30-00-00-000001000
W. Artino, C10-00-00-000010010
J. Jones, GDid Not Play
G. Groselle, CDid Not Play
N. Johnson, G-FDid Not Play
M. Oginni, FDid Not Play
A. Olsen, FDid Not Play
A. Yates, GDid Not Play
I. Zierden, GDid Not Play
J. Kelling, GDid Not Play
Totals 27-4911-2214-198302210451879