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Fordham vs. Butler

Butler Bulldogs Statistics
R. Jones, F385-90-03-7683100213
R. Clarke, G366-164-106-6164310122
A. Smith, C303-70-26-6021200312
A. Barlow, G230-10-11-201132031
K. Marshall, F162-50-00-003000034
K. Dunham, G212-82-73-703110019
K. Woods, F182-20-03-6410131047
E. Fromm, F150-20-00-004010020
C. Stigall, G30-10-10-001000000
E. Kampen, CDid Not Play
J. Aldridge, GDid Not Play
A. Smeathers, G-FDid Not Play
E. Kampen, GDid Not Play
D. Morgan, GDid Not Play
Totals 20-516-2122-3411381114401968
Fordham Rams Statistics
B. Frazier, G391-90-42-302822024
M. Thomas, G394-133-51-1241201312
T. Leonard, F235-80-00-0592100210
J. Myers, G170-40-30-001110020
R. Canty, C101-10-00-002000042
C. Gaston, F279-170-03-4260200321
B. Smith, G241-61-53-403221156
R. Rhoomes, F203-30-02-348001118
L. Zivkovic, F10-20-20-000000010
K. Robinson, GDid Not Play
J. Fay, GDid Not Play
D. Gaitley, GDid Not Play
J. Short, GDid Not Play
N. Musovic, GDid Not Play
L. Walsh, FDid Not Play
Totals 24-634-1911-1513351410432363