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Oklahoma State vs. Delaware State

Delaware State Hornets Statistics
K. Williams, G364-173-60-0022010111
A. Thomas, G351-50-00-014251012
K. Gray, C285-70-02-36110101412
A. Boyd, G70-00-02-200010012
J. Owens, F50-20-00-012021000
T. Bell, F313-121-60-035032147
C. Walker, G191-51-31-200010014
N. Doyle, G-F192-41-20-001210005
M. Gasevic, F-C70-10-00-014000000
D. Haywood, G50-10-00-011010000
J. Lawson, G40-10-00-002000010
C. Thomas, G40-10-00-000010000
C. Burley, G10-00-00-000010010
C. Lewis, GDid Not Play
S. Sill, FDid Not Play
R. Brown, GDid Not Play
L. Haley, GDid Not Play
J. Lawson, GDid Not Play
Totals 16-566-175-71332617521543
Oklahoma State Cowboys Statistics
L. Nash, G-F296-90-02-2281311114
M. Smart, G273-52-40-004333128
M. Brown, G-F245-81-33-4121021114
B. Williams, G-F171-20-03-402310025
M. Cobbins, F-C152-40-04-623001318
P. Forte, G232-121-101-101301006
K. Murphy, F-C201-40-03-527100415
S. Clark, G183-62-51-214202029
L. Hammonds, G-F151-40-10-012100002
C. Sager, G-F50-00-00-000000000
G. Gaskins, F-C42-20-00-012010004
M. Soucek, F-C30-00-00-001000010
M. Cox, F-CDid Not Play
F. Stuen, GDid Not Play
A. Budke, GDid Not Play
J. Carroll, G-FDid Not Play
J. Perez, GDid Not Play
Totals 26-566-2317-24103615810101175