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Colorado vs. Southern California

Southern California Trojans Statistics
P. Howard, G332-80-31-101310015
B. Wesley, G293-140-13-404212119
J. Jacobs, G250-30-24-403213004
O. Oraby, C246-90-04-4360101516
N. Jovanovic, F151-40-20-011220012
J. Terrell, G245-94-52-2130301116
S. Gavrilovic, F181-20-10-001010022
D. Haley, C131-20-00-002000022
K. Dukes, G81-20-10-000000012
R. Prince, F51-20-02-200000004
B. Taylor, G40-20-10-001001010
D. Munoz, G20-00-00-000000000
C. Bryan, G10-00-00-000010000
D. Clark, FDid Not Play
K. Reinhardt, GDid Not Play
S. Dhillon, FDid Not Play
D. Pflueger, GDid Not Play
Totals 21-574-1616-17522911631562
Colorado Buffaloes Statistics
A. Booker, G253-51-26-6046211113
J. Scott, F248-130-04-4270012120
X. Johnson, F234-91-11-1010001010
W. Gordon, F222-31-20-048221515
J. Hopkins, G203-70-34-4030020110
E. Stalzer, G201-31-11-216120004
X. Talton, G181-30-20-002301022
D. Thomas, F183-40-11-312030047
G. King, G-F161-61-32-212302045
B. Mills, C112-30-00-015010114
B. Gamble, G31-11-10-000000003
K. Nelson, GDid Not Play
S. Dinwiddie, GDid Not Play
T. Fletcher, G-FDid Not Play
G. Bates, GDid Not Play
B. Brady, GDid Not Play
Totals 29-576-1619-22104015108101583