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College Basketball Play by Play - Savannah State vs. Wisconsin

1st Half
20:00 SAVJumpball received by Preston Blackmon
19:530-0SAVPreston Blackmon missed Jump Shot
19:49 SAVOffensive Rebound by Jyles 19:49
19:48 SAVLost ball turnover on Jyles Smith, Stolen by Jordan Taylor
19:170-2WIJordan Taylor made Jump Shot
19:022-2SAVRashad Hassan made Layup, Assist Preston Blackmon
18:452-2WIJosh Gasser missed Floating Jump Shot
18:39 SAVDefensive Rebound by Deric 18:39
18:20 SAVBad pass turnover on Preston Blackmon
18:112-5WIJared Berggren made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jordan Taylor
17:544-5SAVJyles Smith made Jump Shot
17:214-7WIRyan Evans made Hook Shot
17:21 SAVShooting foul on Rashad Hassan
17:214-8WIRyan Evans made Free Throw
17:004-8SAVDeric Rudolph missed 3-pt. Jump Shot, Blocked by Josh Gasser
17:00 SAVOffensive Rebound by Preston 17:00
16:504-8SAVPreston Blackmon missed Layup
16:50 WIDefensive Rebound by Ryan 16:50
16:334-11WIJosh Gasser made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jordan Taylor
15:55 SAV35-second shotclock violaton turnover on Preston Blackmon
15:55  TV Timeout
15:264-13WIJared Berggren made Layup, Assist Jordan Taylor
15:26 SAVShooting foul on Rashad Hassan
15:264-14WIJared Berggren made Free Throw
15:17 SAVBad pass turnover on Deric Rudolph
14:544-16WIJordan Taylor made Floating Jump Shot, Assist Jared Berggren
14:25 SAVJumpball turnover on Jyles Smith
14:084-16WIJared Berggren missed Jump Shot
14:05 SAVDefensive Rebound by Cedric 14:05
13:584-16SAVPreston Blackmon missed Floating Jump Shot
13:486-16SAVChristopher Spears made Mini Hook Shot
13:306-16WIFrank Kaminsky missed Layup
13:25 SAVDefensive Rebound by Arnold 13:25
13:19 SAVLost ball turnover on Christopher Spears, Stolen by Jordan Taylor
13:046-16WIJordan Taylor missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:53 SAVDefensive Rebound by Cedric 12:53
12:326-16SAVStephen Wilson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:30 WIDefensive Rebound by Ben 12:30
12:166-18WIRyan Evans made Jump Shot, Assist Ben Brust
11:456-18SAVArnold Louis missed Layup
11:41 WIDefensive Rebound by Rob 11:41
11:266-18WIFrank Kaminsky missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:23 SAVDefensive Rebound by Stephen 11:23
10:566-18SAVKeierre Richards missed 3-pt. Jump Shot, Blocked by Frank Kaminsky
10:52 WIDefensive Rebound by Josh 10:52
10:486-18WIBen Brust missed Jump Shot
10:45 SAVDefensive Rebound by Christopher 10:45
10:26 SAVLost ball turnover on Stephen Wilson, Stolen by Ryan Evans
10:06 SAVShooting foul on Arnold Louis
10:06  TV Timeout
10:066-18WIJosh Gasser missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
10:066-19WIJosh Gasser made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:488-19SAVArnold Louis made Layup
9:37 WILost ball turnover on Jordan Taylor, Stolen by Cedric Smith
9:288-19SAVCedric Smith missed Reverse Layup
9:22 WIDefensive Rebound by Josh 9:22
9:118-22WIJared Berggren made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Rob Wilson
8:478-22SAVArnold Louis missed Jump Shot
8:45 WIDefensive Rebound by Jordan 8:45
8:398-24WIRyan Evans made Reverse Layup, Assist Jared Berggren
8:32 SAV30-second Timeout
8:158-24SAVDeric Rudolph missed 3-pt. Jump Shot, Blocked by Josh Gasser
8:15 WILoose ball foul on Mike Bruesewitz
8:0710-24SAVPreston Blackmon made Jump Shot
7:4610-26WIJared Berggren made Layup
7:19 SAVTravelling turnover on Preston Blackmon
7:13 WILost ball turnover on Mike Bruesewitz, Stolen by Jyles Smith
6:47 SAVLost ball turnover on Preston Blackmon, Stolen by Jordan Taylor
6:09 SAVPersonal foul on Keierre Richards
5:5510-28WIBen Brust made Jump Shot
5:2910-28SAVDeric Rudolph missed Layup
5:25 WIDefensive Rebound by Jared 5:25
5:0510-28WIJordan Taylor missed Layup
5:00 WIOffensive Rebound by Jordan 5:00
4:4010-28WIJared Berggren missed Turnaround Jump Shot
4:43 SAVDefensive Rebound by Stephen 4:43
4:21 SAVLost ball turnover on Preston Blackmon, Stolen by Jared Berggren
4:07 SAVPersonal foul on Joshua Montgomery
4:0410-30WIMike Bruesewitz made Jump Shot, Assist Traevon Jackson
3:4410-30SAVPreston Blackmon missed Turnaround Jump Shot
3:40 WIDefensive Rebound by Mike 3:40
3:3310-30WIBen Brust missed Layup, Blocked by Jyles Smith
3:27 SAVDefensive Rebound by Jyles 3:27
3:14 WIPersonal foul on Josh Gasser
3:14  TV Timeout
2:5510-30SAVArnold Louis missed Layup, Blocked by Frank Kaminsky
2:45 SAVOffensive Rebound by Arnold 2:45
2:4412-30SAVArnold Louis made Layup
2:2212-30WIJosh Gasser missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:17 WIOffensive Rebound by Frank 2:17
2:16 WILost ball turnover on Frank Kaminsky, Stolen by Jyles Smith
1:4512-30SAVCedric Smith missed Layup
1:41 WIDefensive Rebound by Josh 1:41
1:1512-32WIJosh Gasser made Mini Hook Shot
47.0 SAVLost ball turnover on Preston Blackmon, Stolen by Josh Gasser
38.012-32WIRyan Evans missed Layup, Blocked by Cedric Smith
33.0 WIOffensive Rebound by Ryan 33.0
32.012-32WIRyan Evans missed Jump Shot
29.0 SAVDefensive Rebound by Preston 29.0
7.014-32SAVArnold Louis made Layup, Assist Preston Blackmon
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:5414-32SAVJyles Smith missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Jared Berggren
19:49 SAVOffensive Rebound by Rashad 19:49
19:4814-32SAVRashad Hassan missed Layup
19:45 WIDefensive Rebound by Ryan 19:45
19:3814-32WIJordan Taylor missed Layup, Blocked by Preston Blackmon
19:35 WIOffensive Rebound by Ryan 19:35
19:1714-34WIJordan Taylor made Driving layup
19:17 SAVShooting foul on Preston Blackmon
19:1714-35WIJordan Taylor made Free Throw
18:5014-35SAVKeierre Richards missed Layup
18:45 SAVOffensive Rebound by Christopher 18:45
18:4414-35SAVChristopher Spears missed Layup
18:39 SAVOffensive Rebound by Cedric 18:39
18:3816-35SAVCedric Smith made Tip-in
18:1516-37WIJosh Gasser made Layup
17:5318-37SAVJyles Smith made Layup
17:31 WIPersonal foul on Ryan Evans
17:10 SAVPersonal foul on Jyles Smith
17:1018-38WIMike Bruesewitz made 1st of 2 Free Throws
17:1018-39WIMike Bruesewitz made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
16:55 WIShooting foul on Jared Berggren
16:5519-39SAVArnold Louis made 1st of 2 Free Throws
16:5520-39SAVArnold Louis made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
16:36 SAVPersonal foul on Christopher Spears
16:28 SAVPersonal foul on Keierre Richards
16:07 WIOffensive foul on Jordan Taylor
16:07 WIOffensive foul on Jordan Taylor
15:4720-39SAVArnold Louis missed Jump Shot
15:43 SAVOffensive Rebound by Keierre 15:43
15:2522-39SAVCedric Smith made Reverse Layup
15:0822-39WIRyan Evans missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Jyles Smith
15:04 SAVDefensive Rebound by Jyles 15:04
14:4624-39SAVCedric Smith made Driving layup
14:2324-41WIRob Wilson made Jump Shot, Assist Mike Bruesewitz
13:5226-41SAVCedric Smith made Jump Shot
13:48 WIFull Timeout
13:27 SAVShooting foul on Jyles Smith
13:27  TV Timeout
12:5826-41WIJordan Taylor missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:55 SAVDefensive Rebound by Cedric 12:55
12:2826-41SAVArnold Louis missed Turnaround Jump Shot
12:24 WIDefensive Rebound by Jared 12:24
12:1826-43WIBen Brust made Turnaround Jump Shot
11:3526-43SAVKeierre Richards missed Jump Shot
11:29 WIDefensive Rebound by Jared 11:29
11:1126-43WIBen Brust missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:06 WIOffensive Rebound by Jared 11:06
11:0526-45WIJared Berggren made Slam Dunk
10:35  TV Timeout
10:3126-45SAVArnold Louis missed Layup
10:28 WIDefensive Rebound by Josh 10:28
10:13 WIOut of bounds turnover on Rob Wilson
9:5426-45SAVRashad Hassan missed Jump Shot
9:50 WIDefensive Rebound by Jordan 9:50
9:3626-45WIJared Berggren missed Turnaround Jump Shot
9:31 SAVDefensive Rebound by Arnold 9:31
9:1228-45SAVRashad Hassan made Layup
8:50 SAVShooting foul on Arnold Louis
8:5028-46WIRyan Evans made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:5028-47WIRyan Evans made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:4130-47SAVRashad Hassan made Jump Shot, Assist Preston Blackmon
8:21 SAVPersonal foul on Rashad Hassan
8:2130-47WIRyan Evans missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:2130-48WIRyan Evans made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:13 WIPersonal foul on Ryan Evans
7:58 SAVLost ball turnover on Arnold Louis, Stolen by Ben Brust
7:3330-50WIRyan Evans made Layup
7:09 WIPersonal foul on Jordan Taylor
7:09  TV Timeout
7:0730-50SAVArnold Louis missed Layup
7:05 WIDefensive Rebound by Ryan 7:05
6:4330-52WIMike Bruesewitz made Reverse Layup
6:3030-52SAVCedric Smith missed Jump Shot
6:28 WIDefensive Rebound by Mike 6:28
6:1230-54WIJosh Gasser made Reverse Layup
5:4930-54SAVCedric Smith missed Layup
5:46 WIDefensive Rebound by Josh 5:46
5:30 SAVPersonal foul on Preston Blackmon
5:3030-55WIJordan Taylor made 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:3030-55WIJordan Taylor missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:30 WIDefensive Rebound by Jordan 5:30
5:1830-55WIMike Bruesewitz missed Jump Shot
5:0730-57WIJordan Taylor made Jump Shot
4:2830-57SAVPreston Blackmon missed Jump Shot
4:28 SAVLoose ball foul on Christopher Spears
4:2830-58WIMike Bruesewitz made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:2830-59WIMike Bruesewitz made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:18 SAVLost ball turnover on Rashad Hassan, Stolen by Mike Bruesewitz
3:5130-61WIJordan Taylor made Jump Shot
3:38 SAVTravelling turnover on Preston Blackmon
3:38  TV Timeout
3:2530-63WIEvan Anderson made Hook Shot
2:5630-63SAVArnold Louis missed Layup
2:53 WIDefensive Rebound by Rob 2:53
2:4230-63WIBen Brust missed Jump Shot
2:39 WIOffensive Rebound by Evan 2:39
2:34 SAVPersonal foul on Christopher Spears
2:3430-64WIEvan Anderson missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:2230-63WIEvan Anderson missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:34 WILoose ball foul on Traevon Jackson
2:13 SAVShooting foul on Keith Edwards
2:1330-63WIRob Wilson missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:1330-64WIRob Wilson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:5632-64SAVKeierre Richards made Jump Shot
1:56 SAVShooting foul on Joshua Montgomery
1:5633-64SAVKeierre Richards made Free Throw
1:45 WIBad pass turnover on Traevon Jackson
1:27 WIPersonal foul on Evan Anderson
1:2733-64SAVJoshua Montgomery missed Free Throw
1:27 WIDefensive Rebound by Evan 1:27
1:0333-64WIEvan Anderson missed Layup
38.0 WIShooting foul on Evan Anderson
38.033-64SAVArnold Louis missed Free Throw
38.0 SAVOffensive Rebound by Keierre 38.0
24.0 SAVLost ball turnover on Christopher Spears, Stolen by Duje Dukan
19.033-66WIDuje Dukan made Driving Dunk
2.033-66SAVStephen Wilson missed Jump Shot
2.0 WIDefensive Rebound by Duje 2.0
0.0End of period.