College Basketball Play by Play - Jackson State vs. Baylor

1st Half
20:00 BAYLORJumpball received by Pierre Jackson
19:37 JACKSTPersonal foul on Jeff Stubbs
19:180-0BAYLORPierre Jackson missed Driving layup
19:12 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Pierre 19:12
19:13 JACKSTShooting foul on Christian Williams
19:130-0BAYLORPierre Jackson missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
19:130-1BAYLORPierre Jackson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
18:510-1JACKSTSydney Coleman missed Jump Shot
18:48 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Pierre 18:48
18:460-3BAYLORPierre Jackson made Driving layup
18:080-3JACKSTChristian Williams missed Turnaround Jump Shot
18:02 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Rico 18:02
17:53 BAYLOROffensive foul on Brady Heslip
17:53 BAYLOROffensive Foul turnover on Brady Heslip
17:48 BAYLORPersonal foul on Pierre Jackson
17:450-3JACKSTDerrell Taylor missed Slam Dunk, Blocked by Cory Jefferson
17:38 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by A.J. 17:38
17:340-3BAYLORPierre Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:30 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Jeff 17:30
17:22 JACKSTBad pass turnover on Christian Williams
17:140-3BAYLORPierre Jackson missed Driving layup
17:10 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Pierre 17:10
17:090-5BAYLORPierre Jackson made Tip-in
17:04 JACKSTFull Timeout
17:003-5JACKSTJeff Stubbs made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Christian Williams
16:45 JACKSTShooting foul on Jeff Stubbs
16:453-6BAYLORCory Jefferson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
16:453-7BAYLORCory Jefferson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
16:273-7JACKSTDerrell Taylor missed Jump Shot
16:24 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Derrell 16:24
16:233-7JACKSTDerrell Taylor missed Jump Shot
16:21 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by A.J. 16:21
16:183-7BAYLORA.J. Walton missed Layup
16:15 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Sydney 16:15
16:00 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Sydney Coleman, Stolen by Rico Gathers
15:343-7BAYLORBrady Heslip missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:31 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Cory 15:31
15:303-9BAYLORCory Jefferson made Layup
15:16 BAYLORPersonal foul on Rico Gathers
15:16  TV Timeout
15:146-9JACKSTChristian Williams made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist John Lewis
14:576-11BAYLORTaurean Prince made Layup, Assist A.J. Walton
14:278-11JACKSTWillie Readus made Jump Shot, Assist Derrell Taylor
14:158-11BAYLORL.J. Rose missed Jump Shot
14:10 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Cory 14:10
14:098-13BAYLORCory Jefferson made Tip-in
13:478-13JACKSTChristian Williams missed Jump Shot
13:44 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Christian 13:44
13:43 JACKSTOffensive foul on Willie Readus
13:43 JACKSTIllegal pick turnover on Willie Readus
13:318-15BAYLORDeuce Bello made Layup
13:05 BAYLORPersonal foul on Cory Jefferson
13:048-15JACKSTWillie Readus missed Fadeaway Jump Shot
12:59 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Taurean 12:59
12:578-17BAYLORCory Jefferson made Alley-oop, Assist Gary Franklin
12:41 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Christian Williams, Stolen by L.J. Rose
12:358-19BAYLORL.J. Rose made Layup
12:158-19JACKSTChristian Williams missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:12 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Taurean 12:12
11:49 JACKSTPersonal foul on Keeslee Stewart
11:49  TV Timeout
11:46 BAYLOROut of bounds turnover on Cory Jefferson
11:098-19JACKSTPhillip Williams missed Jump Shot
11:13 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Deuce 11:13
11:04 BAYLORLost ball turnover on Chad Rykhoek, Stolen by Phillip Williams
10:398-19JACKSTPhillip Williams missed Jump Shot
10:36 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Cory 10:36
10:248-19BAYLORL.J. Rose missed Layup
10:21 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Rico 10:21
10:208-19BAYLORRico Gathers missed Layup
10:16 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Willie 10:16
9:578-19JACKSTPhillip Williams missed Jump Shot
9:52 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Phillip 9:52
9:4610-19JACKSTWillie Readus made Turnaround Jump Shot
9:25 BAYLORBad pass turnover on Gary Franklin
9:1510-19JACKSTRaymond Gregory missed Hook Shot, Blocked by Cory Jefferson
9:00 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Cory 9:00
8:5810-21BAYLORA.J. Walton made Layup
8:4710-21JACKSTKeeslee Stewart missed Jump Shot
8:44 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Raymond 8:44
8:4310-21JACKSTRaymond Gregory missed Layup
8:38 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Brady 8:38
8:3210-23BAYLORPierre Jackson made Layup, Assist A.J. Walton
8:18 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Keeslee Stewart, Stolen by A.J. Walton
8:1010-25BAYLORRico Gathers made Slam Dunk, Assist Pierre Jackson
7:45 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Jeff Stubbs, Stolen by A.J. Walton
7:3910-27BAYLORPierre Jackson made Slam Dunk
7:1710-27JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:13 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Brady 7:13
7:02 BAYLORBad pass turnover on Pierre Jackson
7:02  TV Timeout
6:5210-27JACKSTChristian Williams missed Jump Shot, Blocked by A.J. Walton
6:26 JACKST35-second shotclock violaton turnover on Keeslee Stewart
6:13 JACKSTShooting foul on Raymond Gregory
6:03 JACKSTShooting foul on John Lewis
6:0310-28BAYLORPierre Jackson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:0310-29BAYLORPierre Jackson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:5010-29JACKSTChristian Williams missed Jump Shot
5:38 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Raymond 5:38
5:3612-29JACKSTRaymond Gregory made Layup
5:3012-31BAYLORCory Jefferson made Alley-oop, Assist A.J. Walton
4:5012-31JACKSTDerrell Taylor missed Jump Shot
4:44 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Raymond 4:44
4:4214-31JACKSTRaymond Gregory made Layup
4:2914-33BAYLORPierre Jackson made Driving layup
4:0016-33JACKSTPhillip Williams made Jump Shot
4:00 JACKSTPersonal foul on Raymond Gregory
3:5916-33JACKSTWillie Readus missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Taurean Prince
3:47  TV Timeout
3:4716-35BAYLORRico Gathers made Slam Dunk
3:4516-35BAYLORPierre Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:41 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Rico 3:41
3:32 JACKSTPersonal foul on Davon Jones
3:3216-36BAYLORPierre Jackson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:3216-37BAYLORPierre Jackson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:28 BAYLORShooting foul on Rico Gathers
3:2818-38JACKSTWillie Readus made Layup
3:2819-38JACKSTWillie Readus made Free Throw
2:5519-38BAYLORGary Franklin missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:57 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Phillip 2:57
2:50 JACKSTOut of bounds turnover on Jeff Stubbs
2:3019-38BAYLORPierre Jackson missed Jump Shot
2:26 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Deuce 2:26
2:27 BAYLOROut of bounds turnover on Deuce Bello
2:1219-38JACKSTPhillip Williams missed Jump Shot
2:08 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Deuce 2:08
2:0219-38BAYLORDeuce Bello missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:57 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Jeff 1:57
1:3419-38JACKSTWillie Readus missed Layup
1:29 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Willie 1:29
1:2819-38JACKSTWillie Readus missed Layup
1:22 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Willie 1:22
1:2221-38JACKSTWillie Readus made Layup
51.021-40BAYLORDeuce Bello made Reverse Layup, Assist Pierre Jackson
51.0 JACKSTShooting foul on Davon Jones
51.021-40BAYLORDeuce Bello missed Free Throw
51.0 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Josh 51.0
43.023-40JACKSTJeff Stubbs made Driving layup
7.023-40BAYLORPierre Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3.0 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Willie 3.0
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:4623-40JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed Floating Jump Shot
19:50 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by John 19:50
19:4325-40JACKSTDerrell Taylor made Layup
19:3425-43BAYLORBrady Heslip made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Pierre Jackson
19:0925-43JACKSTSydney Coleman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
19:02 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Rico 19:02
18:4025-43BAYLORA.J. Walton missed Layup
18:36 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Rico 18:36
18:3525-45BAYLORRico Gathers made Tip-in
18:1628-45JACKSTJeff Stubbs made 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:5628-47BAYLORCory Jefferson made Layup
17:22 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Phillip Williams, Stolen by A.J. Walton
16:5328-49BAYLORCory Jefferson made Jump Shot, Assist Pierre Jackson
16:4631-49JACKSTJeff Stubbs made 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:36 JACKSTPersonal foul on Phillip Williams
16:2431-52BAYLORPierre Jackson made 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:5831-52JACKSTSydney Coleman missed Jump Shot
15:55 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Pierre 15:55
15:52  TV Timeout
15:32 BAYLORLost ball turnover on Pierre Jackson, Stolen by John Lewis
15:2531-52JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed Slam Dunk
15:18 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Cory 15:18
15:1731-54BAYLORRico Gathers made Slam Dunk, Assist Pierre Jackson
14:57 JACKSTTravelling turnover on Jeff Stubbs
14:42 JACKSTPersonal foul on Jeff Stubbs
14:4131-54BAYLORCory Jefferson missed Turnaround Jump Shot
14:37 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Sydney 14:37
14:3433-54JACKSTKeeslee Stewart made Jump Shot
14:19 JACKSTPersonal foul on Keeslee Stewart
14:01 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Davon Jones, Stolen by Pierre Jackson
13:5033-56BAYLORPierre Jackson made Driving layup
13:43 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Keeslee Stewart, Stolen by Pierre Jackson
13:3533-56BAYLORPierre Jackson missed Layup
13:35 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Jeff 13:35
13:35 BAYLORPersonal foul on Pierre Jackson
13:1735-56JACKSTJeff Stubbs made Turnaround Jump Shot, Assist Keeslee Stewart
13:1435-58BAYLORDeuce Bello made Driving layup
13:0635-58JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed 3-pt. Jump Shot, Blocked by Deuce Bello
13:03 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Rico 13:03
12:53 BAYLORLost ball turnover on Rico Gathers
12:52 JACKSTFull Timeout
12:2935-58JACKSTRaymond Gregory missed Turnaround Jump Shot, Blocked by Cory Jefferson
12:21 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Deuce 12:21
12:2035-60BAYLORPierre Jackson made Layup, Assist Deuce Bello
12:08 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Willie Readus
11:5835-63BAYLORPierre Jackson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Gary Franklin
11:4635-63JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:40 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Willie 11:40
11:3935-63JACKSTWillie Readus missed Layup, Blocked by Cory Jefferson
11:31 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Cory 11:31
11:1935-63BAYLORDeuce Bello missed Floating Jump Shot
11:21 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Cory 11:21
11:1535-65BAYLORTaurean Prince made Layup
11:0335-65JACKSTWillie Readus missed Layup
10:57 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Raymond 10:57
10:5637-65JACKSTRaymond Gregory made Layup
10:3337-65BAYLORGary Franklin missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:28 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Taurean 10:28
10:24 BAYLORPersonal foul on Cory Jefferson
10:24  TV Timeout
10:0337-65JACKSTPhillip Williams missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:58 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by L.J. 9:58
9:5037-65BAYLORTaurean Prince missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Raymond Gregory
9:4837-67BAYLORRico Gathers made Hook Shot
9:24 BAYLORPersonal foul on Rico Gathers
9:22 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Jeff Stubbs, Stolen by Rico Gathers
9:19 JACKSTShooting foul on Willie Readus
9:1937-68BAYLORTaurean Prince made 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:1937-69BAYLORTaurean Prince made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:5637-69JACKSTPhillip Williams missed Jump Shot
8:51 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Rico 8:51
8:4237-69BAYLORRico Gathers missed Layup
8:38 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Rico 8:38
8:3737-71BAYLORRico Gathers made Tip-in
8:3337-71JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed Jump Shot
8:27 JACKSTOffensive Rebound by Derrell 8:27
8:27 BAYLORShooting foul on L.J. Rose
8:2737-71JACKSTSydney Coleman missed Free Throw
8:27 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Taurean 8:27
8:1537-71BAYLORA.J. Walton missed Jump Shot
8:11 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Taurean 8:11
8:0937-73BAYLORTaurean Prince made Tip-in
7:4839-73JACKSTSydney Coleman made Layup
7:45 BAYLORShooting foul on A.J. Walton
7:45  TV Timeout
7:2339-73JACKSTPhillip Williams missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:21 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by L.J. 7:21
7:1539-73BAYLORA.J. Walton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:12 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Derrell 7:12
6:5441-73JACKSTJeff Stubbs made Jump Shot, Assist John Lewis
6:54 BAYLORShooting foul on L.J. Rose
6:5441-73JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed Free Throw
6:54 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Cory 6:54
6:23 BAYLORLost ball turnover on L.J. Rose, Stolen by John Lewis
6:0143-73JACKSTPhillip Williams made Jump Shot
5:41 JACKSTPersonal foul on John Lewis
5:4143-74BAYLORTaurean Prince made 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:4143-75BAYLORTaurean Prince made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:29 BAYLORShooting foul on Taurean Prince
5:2944-75JACKSTSydney Coleman made 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:2944-75JACKSTSydney Coleman missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:29 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Deuce 5:29
5:0344-75BAYLORBrady Heslip missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:3944-75JACKSTDerrell Taylor missed Jump Shot
4:36 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Cory 4:36
4:29 BAYLORTravelling turnover on L.J. Rose
3:5344-75JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:53 JACKSTOut of bounds turnover on Jeff Stubbs
3:53 BAYLORFull Timeout
3:53  TV Timeout
3:4044-75BAYLORDeuce Bello missed Slam Dunk
3:37 JACKSTDefensive Rebound by Sydney 3:37
3:34 JACKSTLost ball turnover on Jeff Stubbs, Stolen by Gary Franklin
3:29 BAYLORLost ball turnover on Gary Franklin, Stolen by John Lewis
3:06 JACKSTLost ball turnover on John Lewis, Stolen by Deuce Bello
3:00 JACKSTShooting foul on Willie Readus
3:0044-75BAYLORTaurean Prince missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:0044-76BAYLORTaurean Prince made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:4744-76JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed Driving layup
2:43 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Rico 2:43
2:3344-76BAYLORL.J. Rose missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:30 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Rico 2:30
2:2444-76BAYLORGary Franklin missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:19 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Rico 2:19
2:0544-76BAYLORDeuce Bello missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Sydney Coleman
1:5944-76BAYLORGary Franklin missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:39 BAYLORPersonal foul on Rico Gathers
1:3944-76JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed Free Throw
1:39 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Gary 1:39
1:2644-76BAYLORGary Franklin missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:22 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Logan 1:22
1:15 BAYLORTravelling turnover on L.J. Rose
59.046-76JACKSTWillie Readus made Layup
42.0 BAYLORLost ball turnover on Jacob Neubert, Stolen by Jeff Stubbs
35.046-76JACKSTSydney Coleman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
32.0 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Gary 32.0
28.046-76BAYLORGary Franklin missed Layup
25.0 BAYLOROffensive Rebound by Taurean 25.0
24.046-78BAYLORTaurean Prince made Layup
22.0 BAYLORShooting foul on Jacob Neubert
22.047-78JACKSTJeff Stubbs made 1st of 2 Free Throws
22.047-78JACKSTJeff Stubbs missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
22.0 BAYLORDefensive Rebound by Jacob 22.0
0.0End of period. Shop

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